Nobel Week Tour 2023

A group of NSHSS members traveled to Stockholm, Sweden in December, 2023 to celebrate our organization's co-founder, Claes Nobel, and his family's history with the Nobel Prize Ceremony. Join us next year for our return to Sweden!

During the Nobel Week tour, we had a chance to:

  • Experience the Nobel legacy first-hand
  • Explore Stockholm, Sweden: a world hub for sustainability and STEM research
  • Learn about Swedish society and culture
  • Expand our horizons and independence through international travel

This tour was sold out so please be sure to keep an eye out for the 2024 tour registration for this once-in-a-lifetime educational experience!

December 3-11, 2023
Stockholm, Sweden
Nobel Gear Group Photo_2023


Travelers arrived in Stockholm and participated in an orientation meeting and dinner at the Generator Hostel

Students were led on a guided tour of Stockholm City Hall, which houses the Stockholm City Council and ceremonial halls where the Nobel Banquet takes place every year on December 10, and a guided tour of the Concert Hall, where the Nobel Prize Ceremony takes place.

In the afternoon, attendees took a tram to the Vasa Museum, where they had a guided tour of the museum, which holds the unique wreckage of the mighty Vasa warship from the 17th century, one of Scandinavia's most visited attractions. They then enjoyed a Swedish pancake lunch at the museum!

Students took the subway to Stockholm University for afternoon lectures on contemporary Sweden, Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize, Sweden's collaboration project with Ukraine, and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry process process.

Everyone enjoyed lunch in the university's student canteen, then visited the Stockholm University bookstore, Accelerator Art Space, and the Centre for Palaeogenetics.

Travelers visited the U.S. Embassy residence in Stockholm for a reception with presentations, refreshments, and Q&A.

Bus excursion to Uppsala, where participants found the oldest university of Scandinavia (1477), a lively university town with active student life, and the grand Cathedral, built 750 years ago, home to the archbishop of Sweden.
We ate lunch at a student nation and took a guided walk through the city.

Dinner & workshop at the hostel: Students made their own Swedish souvenir, a dala horse!

Participants chose the museums of their interest that they would like to visit with optional visits to Karolinska Institutet (Medicine) and Royal Institute of Technology (Engineering)

Students visited and took a guided tour of the Nobel Prize Museum in the old town of Gamla Stan. They then had free time to explore the old town's Christmas market and souvenir shops and grab dinner with their peers.


Travelers attended open lectures at Stockholm University by the 2023 Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, and economic sciences

Morning train ride to Gothenburg to attend the Nobel Week Dialogue with Nobel laureates and experts talking on “The Future of Migration”.  It was a full-day event, return by train in the evening.

We visited the Christmas market at the outdoor museum, Skansen, and then attended the Lucia gala, a cultural Christmas concert event. 

In the evening, we had a very special Nobel dinner and our own Nobel Ceremony at the Faculty Club of Stockholm University! 

Students traveled back home or chose to extend their trip on their own!

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Testimonials from 2023 tour attendees

Alana B.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

"I enjoyed being a part of this experience, making new connections, taking in various architectural features, and this learning opportunity was truly once in a lifetime."

Jameson S.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

"It was a lot of fun to explore a foreign, I enjoyed meeting so many awesome people, and I learned so much about Sweden and the Nobel system."

Emelie P.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

"Thank you for making it possible for us NSHSS members to have the opportunity to come to Sweden. I loved seeing Sweden and learning about the schools in Sweden."

Ethan B.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

"It’s a great way to learn more about the Nobel Prize and Sweden if you’re interested in those. Plus you get to meet new people and maybe make some friends."

HaoXiang Y.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

"It’s a great experience for people wanting to see a different country."

Christi B. (Parent)
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

"Outstanding tour with unique opportunities."

Adele K.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

"It was very fun, educational, and a once in a lifetime experience!"


Nobel Prize Announcements 2023

This year’s Nobel Prize announcements took place on October 2-9. All of the announcements are posted at 

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