NSHSS Nobel Week 2018 with Stockholm University

In December 2018, 20 NSHSS members from around the world were selected to attend the annual NSHSS Nobel Week hosted by Stockholm University. Participants traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, for the festivities surrounding the 2018 Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies, including Nobel Lectures by the 2018 Nobel Laureates, the Nobel Week Dialogue, a tour of the Nobel Museum and more. 

December 5, 2018 - December 11, 2018
Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden)
At Nobel Dialougue With Steven Chu 1997 Physics Laureate

The itinerary included:

  • Visit Stockholm University with Lectures by Professors (Topics: Contemporary Sweden, How to Select a Nobel Laureate, and the History of Nobel Prizes);
  • Visit Stockholm City Hall (the venue for the Nobel Banquet) and other cultural sights in Stockholm;
  • Stockholm University Aula Magna: The official Nobel Lectures presented by the 2018 Nobel Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, and Economic Sciences. Lunch social with Stockholm University professors on the Nobel committees;
  • Nobel Week Dialogue: A full-day event to stimulate discussion at the highest level on a topical science-related theme by bringing together Nobel Laureates, the world's leading scientists, key opinion leaders and policy makers;
  • Tour Nobel Museum;
  • NSHSS Nobel Reception at Stockholm University, where participants watched a live broadcast of the Nobel Prize Ceremony and enjoy a special dinner.

NSHSS Nobel Week 2018 with Stockholm University

A week packed with intellectual discourse, inspiring innovations, new friendships, and all the Swedish meatballs you could eat! See Stockholm like never before.