Advice from Claes Nobel

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Take comfort in this advice from NSHSS Co-founder Claes Nobel, a member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes, which are recognized worldwide as the most prestigious awards available in the fields of literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, economics and activism for peace. Mr. Nobel shared the importance of setting goals and working diligently to achieve them.

Keep Your Eye On the Prize. If acceptance to the college of your dreams is your prize, keep it in mind often. Let images of you at that college replay in your brain like a recurring dream. That dream will be more vivid once you visit schools, but your imagination can run free until you have that chance. The important thing is to have a goal—an ideal—to strive for and to keep you on track.

Remember that goal when you bump up against tough times or find yourself with a choice between doing just enough to get by and making the extra effort to excel. Why? Because you have to work really hard and stay focused to earn big prizes. The Nobel Prize takes a lifetime of passion and hard work to earn. You can earn your prize in just four years of hard work in high school. And who knows, once you graduate from your dream school and apply your degree in a meaningful career, you might just be one of the select few to be awarded a Nobel Prize. Go for it!

Celebrate Our Good Earth! In the grand scheme of life, the good earth is our most cherished prize. I like to greet people by saying, "Good Earth!" Say it now. Out loud! GOOD EARTH! It feels good. Those positive feelings (caused by endorphins) can help you do great things.

Learn. Lead. Change the World. I believe that the human race can be fundamentally better than it is, and students like you will be the ones to change the world to make it what it can be. You are the most formidable proponents of change.

Honor What Is Most Important in Your Life. Ask yourself what is truly important and stay true to your beliefs, intuition, and good sense. I believe we should all aspire to uphold these few ideas as important and necessary:

  • Cultivate Universal Peace and Earth Ethics
  • Your time on Earth is a loan. Use it well!
  • In your cool heads, warm hearts, and strong caring hands rests the world’s finest and best hope for the dignified survival of Earth and humanity. Be the movers and the shakers and the framers of The New World!
  • Be Civilized. Treat each other with respect, have good manners, and behave with civility.

Practice the Seven Rights. You have the ability to embody all that is right with the world by following these seven tenets.

  1. Right Thought. Your mind is a dynamic “Master Builder.” It creates reality! Dream lofty dreams! Thoughts materialize! Everything in our universe, in the world, in the room where you sit...yes, even each and every person reading these words all originated first in thought. Just think about that!
  2. Right Words. Words are most powerful. Once a word leaves your mouth, not even the strength of 10,000 elephants can pull it back again.
  3. Right Deed. Stop talking...start walking! Let love, dignity, honor, and truth be the noble hallmarks of your character.
  4. Right Attitude. Show Gratitude! Be patient! Smile, laugh and be kind, positive, and helpful to all. Practice True Love. Be a good listener! Listen with your HEART!
  5. Right Livelihood. Step lightly on the Earth! Leave no footprints!
  6. Right Here. You do not have to go to the faraway corners of the world. Start world transformation and world betterment in your own community. Start digging in your own backyard. Dig deep! You might find diamonds!
  7. Right Now. Do not procrastinate! No more excuses like you have no time or you do not care. Become an active and very busy person for world betterment and world change.