Intern Readiness Certificate Program

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) is proud to offer students access to the Intern Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP), to help prepare students for a successful transition to the professional world. 

The Intern Readiness Certificate Program was created to cultivate the needs and goals of young professionals. According to the NSHSS 2022 Career Interest Survey, 82% of Gen-Z respondents expect to engage in an internship to develop their skills. However, many students struggle to seamlessly transition into their roles in the workforce due to a lack of experience in personal and professional development. IRCP was created to give students a toolkit of vital skills which will allow them to succeed in the workplace.

Students have the opportunity to engage in a 10-module program created with the needs of both students and employers in mind. The course registration fee of $195 includes two live, virtual panels with industry leaders in addition to a weekly curriculum of interactive and informative lessons and exercises. Each module covers a specific topic that has been deemed by experts to be important for an intern’s success. The topics covered in this program include:

The IRCP will hold four cohorts in 2024 with a series of 10 e-learning modules plus opportunities for exclusive virtual webinars featuring a variety of guest speakers. All participants who successfully complete all the coursework and program requirements will receive the NSHSS Intern Readiness Certificate.

Cohort start dates:

  • February 5, 2024
  • April 15, 2024
  • June 24, 2024
  • September 9, 2024

The IRCP instructor will be Fabian J. De Rozario, CEO of GlobalConnect Consulting & Training LP.
Registration for 2024 Cohorts will open in December 2023.


Owen Chavez

"I really enjoyed the course it taught me great things about how to navigate the workplace and the people inside of these organizations. The course was fun and easy to navigate however the format of the discussion board was hard to navigate. Overall it was a positive experience."

Erykah Platts

“I am grateful for this program and for learning what it means to be a successful intern. Every module was full of valuable information, and I intend to use it for future endeavors.”

Andrea Mottau

“Thank you Mr. De Rozario as well as the NSHSS team and all the wonderful guest speakers. I am so thankful to have received the opportunity to partake in such a wonderful course and I feel much more confident in my future endeavors. Not only were these modules informative, but they were extremely fun as well!”

Czarina Almira Cabulisan

“Thank you to the people behind this for creating all the informative and very helpful modules. Throughout this course, I gained valuable knowledge and skills that I will take with me throughout my academic life as well as my career. And for that, I am very grateful. I will never forget this wonderful experience and the intelligent and amazing people I've worked with here!”

Murielle Wandji

“Thank you Mr. Fabian and your team for all your hard work and dedication put into these modules. I really appreciated it because of how informative they all were. This was an exceptional experience. Thank you to the panelists for taking your time to meet with us in every meeting.”

Alexandra Lazarenko

"Thank you so much to all the participants in this course—it has been a thrilling and informative 10 weeks, and I hope to keeping getting to know all of you—as well as the rest of the NSHSS community—as we all venture out into the world to make a positive difference.”

Anna Ruth Deal

“Each and every Module which was given to us has changed my mindset on how to approach an internship, how to talk to a supervisor, and how to go day by day and give it your all. Thank you for this opportunity to expand my knowledge. This webinar will help me with my current adventure of taking on College. I feel more prepared now than when I started so Thank you! Thank you to everyone who is involved with NSHSS. Thank you Mr. Fabian and everyone on NSHSS.”

Dustin Siebert

"The examples helped me understand just what I was supposed to be thinking about. This content has opened my eyes to just how much you have to think about. I will most definitely use this information in the future."

Claire Dunham

"The activities make me think about how I would use what I have learned, making the skills more memorable."

Julia Gebretatiyos

"Every time a new module is opened, I am excited to open it and learn something new."

Madison Hays

"NSHSS has incredible learning opportunities and provides services that allow for personal beneficial growth! One program NSHSS offers is the Intern Readiness Program, which teaches leadership and allows individuals to prepare their skills before positioning themselves within an internship. Not only are these benefits ideal for educational growth, they can aid in financial support and provide fun experiences for many to enjoy! I am so lucky and honored I was able to join NSHSS and utilize the opportunities provided!"

Amaan Shirwani

"Three things I found beneficial in the course were the information and ideas it provided, the motivation and inspiration the activities and the videos gave, and the format and layout of the modules."

Josh Banks

"A really professional and well done seminar."

Luchiano Fernando

“This course opened my eyes to BIG hitters in the workplace. These skills will help me be successful beyond my work life. I will be able to communicate with anybody and develop meaningful relationships. I feel this course made a positive impact on my future and I have recommended it to many of my peers.”

Alexis Choi

"This course was SO. helpful. I was pleasantly surprised at how organized, in-depth, and easy to navigate everything was! I've come away from this program with much more knowledge on internships and skills that I hope I can put to use in real life! I think this course is one that everyone, whether you're a student or an adult going to work, can benefit from."

Hilda Diyoh

"This course is exceptional and it opens your mind about work ethics and how to appropriately accomplish tasks. I have learned so much to help me prepare for future internships."

Zane Thompson

"This was an amazing program. I learned so much about managing my time, building important relationships, having the right leadership qualities, and so much more!"

Jason Brooks

"The NSHSS Intern Readiness Program was a huge influence on my perspective on life and how to handle the working challenges of life. I feel like I have learned what it takes to be a successful intern through and by each of the ten modules, and I fully recommend to anyone and everyone to take this course if you can! The instructors make a big percentage of the reason why I had such a pleasurable experience because they spoke to us in a manner that was informative, encouraging, and realistic. I had a blast navigating the Intern Readiness Program, and I wish all of those who take it in the future a fun and educational experience."

Emma Snider

"This course was really great considering I'm about to look for my first job here soon. Thanks to this course, I feel more confident in the abilities I can offer in the workplace."

Trista Miller

"I really enjoyed attending this program and learned a lot about what to do and what not to do in internships, which I surprisingly didn't know much about. I also enjoyed being able to connect with new people all across the country!"

Kaitlyn Charette - IRCP

"Incredibly Informational, definitely worth it! Each module focuses on a topic which makes it easier to focus on one subject at a time; and the modules helped me apply those skills both in the assignments and the real world!"

Naohmi Rivadeneira

"The course was extremely insightful and taught me so much on proper work skills and etiquette. I feel so much more prepared and informed for internships than I was before. I recommend this program for sure."

Alexa Melendez

"This course was very great I enjoyed it very much because their was so much different information given about many different things to help me improve as a person."

Sothi Pichvong

"I actually do think differently about internships now that I've taken the IRCP course. It helped me realize that an internship isn't just about you or what you're good at; it's also about how you interact with your coworkers and workplace. Everything you do or say will have an impact on everyone you work with. The ten modules are all very beneficial, and each one focuses on a different area of preparing you for the challenges you may face during an internship."

Abdussalam Raheem

"The Intern Readiness Certificate Program is a very informative course. I know more about being an intern despite never being one. I know how to act, what I need to do, and everything I need to know to prepare me to be a fantastic intern and an employee. In this course, I could engage in the lessons and leave my own experiences and opinions, not just mindlessly reading the modules. Experts in the workplace give advice and answer your questions, and there is a discussion board where you can talk with other people going through the same course to discuss each module's lessons. I will definitely recommend this course to everyone who wants/is an intern and even a full-time employee. This is a wonderful course, and you can hardly find one well structured and informative as the IRCP."

Anna Catherine Sgroi

"I really enjoyed this course! It taught me a lot of important information through videos, articles, interactive quizzes/questions and more! I am very excited to apply this information to my future internships!"