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Adam Alster

Adam Alster
  • Detroit, MI
  • Renaissance High School

Adam Alster is a physics, AP Physics, IB Physics, and robotics instructor at Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI. His teaching philosophy stems from his passion for science and desire to inspire the next generation of engineers. He does this by allowing students to participate in many hands-on lessons while he facilitates their learning by asking questions and pushing them to think critically. In addition to teaching, he coaches the school's FIRST robotics team. He holds a bachelor of science in physics and chemistry and a Master of Arts in K-12 Educational Administration from Michigan State University.

Grant Awarded in 2022: NSHSS Advanced Placement (AP) Educator Grant

NSHSS is awarding five (5) $1,000 grants for Advanced Placement teachers to use for supplies, materials, field trips, or other supplemental aids to enhance the delivery of Advanced Placement courses. Any educator teaching an Advanced Placement course in any field is eligible to apply.