Tedra O'Neal

Western Harnett High School
Lillington, North Carolina

Tedra O’Neal is a licensed school counselor for Harnett County Schools, Western Harnett High School. Previously a juvenile justice counselor, she has worked with at-risk students and is knowledgeable in trauma-focused care and cognitive behavioral approaches. She has over a decade of combined counseling experience and is passionate about helping students with post secondary planning and academic achievement within the high school setting. Mrs. O’Neal is an advocate for students, ally for families and innovator in the profession.

The NSHSS College Counselor Appreciation Award has been created to honor hardworking counselors who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to preparing students for success in life. These awardees are steadfast advocates for their students, are peer role models, and demonstrate excellent educational leadership and excellence. Any high school counselor has the opportunity to apply.