NSHSS Passion Project Exhibition: Scholar's Day Atlanta 2019

The NSHSS Passion Project Exhibition took place on November 22 & 23, during NSHSS Scholar's Day in Atlanta, GA. Located at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center, the Exhibition was a series of poster board exhibits that showcased the passion projects of NSHSS members. Members were called on to apply for the exhibition with a project proposal and were then selected to compete. Each exhibit was focused on one of two themes:

  1. STEAM & Innovation
  2. World Betterment (nonprofit, social business, social innovation, or social advocacy efforts)

Exhibitors presented their projects to the three-judge panel in their category. The projects were also open for viewing to all attendees - an audience of approximately 1,200 NSHSS members, families, educators, and corporate leaders. After the presentations, the judge panels deliberated to unanimously determine the three winners in each category.

November 22 - 23, 2019
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The top three exhibitors from each category were presented with a scholarship check during the Member Recognition Ceremony on Saturday, November 23. The scholarships are to be used for furthering their passion projects. 

  • First Place: $1,000 USD
  • Second Place: $500 USD
  • Third Place: $250 USD


Professionals from various fields volunteered their Saturday to participate as judges in the Scholar's Day 2019 Atlanta Passion Project Exhibition. Our judges on the STEAM & Innovation panel were:

  • Kolby Keo, Senior Associate at The Harbour Group
  • Charise RoldanCo-Head of School & Director of Academics at Frazier Preparatory Academy, Chicago, IL
  • Beth Watson, Attorney 

Our judges on the World Betterment panel were:

  • Sofia Gonzalez, NSHSS Educator of the Year 2019 & English Instructor at Morton East High School in Chicago, IL
  • Andrea Smith, Vice President of Development at Scholarship America
  • Jack Watson, Former Chief of Staff for the Carter Administration
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