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STEM Immersion: Boston Tour 2022

Join fellow NSHSS members in Boston in 2022 to explore your STEM passions and gain hands-on experience in real-world labs during a five-day STEM Immersion tour.

During this tour, students will focus on a variety of STEM-related activities, including time spent in a real, working lab. The tour also includes:

  • Guided tour of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Visit to Quincy Market
  • STEM workshops and labs
  • Local activities (maybe a Red Sox game!)
  • Ecosystem learning activities in the New England outdoors
  • Visit to Museum of Science
  • Fun team building activities (think: escape room or VR gaming!)

See sample itinerary below for more details. Itinerary is not final and is subject to change.




STEM Immersion: Boston 2022

June 18-22




Check out STEM Immersion: Boston 2019



NSHSS Academic Tours are available to participants who have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the start date and have proof of vaccination. 

Proof of vaccination, as follows, will be required at tour check in:

Original vaccination record issued by the country’s health authority that administered the vaccination (i.e., U.S. CDC's Vaccination Record Card). Copies or photos are not accepted.

The name and birth date on the vaccination record must match the participant’s travel documents and show the participant is fully vaccinated. The vaccination dates must indicate the participant has completed the required doses no later than 14 days prior to the tour start date. Vaccine type, dates administered, and lot numbers must be clearly visible. Participants are strongly encouraged to review their vaccination records and ensure they meet our standards, prior to traveling to the starting point of the tour to prevent a situation where they may not be able to participate in the tour.

→ $150 deposit is NONREFUNDABLE, but will be put towards total fee.
Flights are NOT included in program fee.

→ Travelers on this tour should book their flights arriving by 3:00pm on June 18. Recommended departure time on June 22 is AFTER 3:00pm. Tours staff will coordinate airport pickups and drop-offs.

→ All NSHSS travelers are required to agree to the official EF Booking Conditions before departing on tour.

→ Tour fee payments may be made incrementally over time, but 50% of the tour cost is now due after enrollment and the remaining balance must be paid in full by May 15, 2022 in order to attend the tour.

Tentative Itinerary



June 18

Meet NSHSS and EF Tours Staff at Boston Logan International Airport
Travelers on this tour should book their flights arriving BEFORE 3:00pm on June 18. Tours staff will coordinate airport pickups.

Duck Boat tour
Enjoy Boston views from the water!

Dinner at Quincy Market
​​​​​​​Interchangeably referred to as Faneuil Hall or Quincy Market, here, you'll grab your first meal in Boston and snag some souvenirs.

June 19

Visit a working lab
You'll begin to conceptualize what real research science looks like when visiting and hearing from real scientists at a working lab. Examples from previous tours: the MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab, the Koch Center for Integrated Cancer Research, or a visit with graduate students at MIT's material science department.

Take a guided tour of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
You'll tour MIT's campus while learning about the history of the university and campus life with an MIT student tour guide.

Participate in a STEM workshop
Examples from previous tours: Science for Scientists, coding workshop at Microsoft

Enjoy an evening activity
Perhaps a Red Sox game!

June 20

Travel to Manchester, New Hampshire

Participate in a hands-on workshop developed by FIRST Robotics
FIRST, For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology, hosts one of the largest student robotics competitions in the world. You'll participate in a half-day robotics workshop facilitated by SNHU students. Work in teams to learn how to program a robot and test your programming by block coding the robot to complete a maze.

Return to Boston

Enjoy a New England ecosystem activity
Example from previous tour: visiting Thoureau's Walden Woods 

Hone your puzzle-solving skills at Boda Borg
An escape room with a Swedish twist! Students will divide into teams of three+ and solve a dozen different "quests", each consisting of three to four interconnected puzzle rooms.

June 21

Participate in a life sciences workshop
Visit a biotech incubator focusing on the principles of synthetic biology and gene editing OR a green chemistry lab developing nontoxic solutions to traditionally harmful chemicals.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​STEM Workshop
Examples from previous tours: workshop at the MFA, music production workshop at Empow studios

Enjoy an evening activity

June 22

Visit the Museum of Science
Self-guided visit to the museum where some activities couple with a STEM presentation conducted by museum scientists; there will be plenty of time to explore the museum on your own!

Depart for home from Boston Logan International Airport
Recommended departure time on June 22 is after 3:00pm. Tours staff will coordinate airport drop-offs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all of your tour questions here!


Why is there a vaccine mandate for academic tours in place?

NSHSS made the decision to implement a vaccine mandate for our tours as part of our commitment to the health and safety of our staff and tour participants. We follow CDC guidance, which currently recommends that individuals who are not up to date on their vaccines delay domestic travel. We believe vaccines are necessary to protect our staff and tour participants as accommodations are such that many students are sharing hotel rooms (and often beds) as well as eating meals and riding the shuttle together.

Read more about the NSHSS COVID-19 policy here.


What does QUAD, TWIN, & SINGLE mean and how does it effect tour pricing?

These terms refer to hotel room occupancy. All aspects of the tour are the exact same for each attendee, so we base the tour price on the attendee's hotel room preference. If you select QUAD, you are reserving ONE SPOT for yourself in a hotel room with 3 other people. The hotel room will have two beds with two people in each bed and 4 people in the room total. If you select TWIN, you are reserving ONE SPOT for yourself in a hotel room with 1 other person. The hotel room will have two beds with one person in each bed and 2 people in the room total. If you select SINGLE, you are reserving an entire hotel room for yourself. All tour pricing is per person.


Do I have to purchase a second tour for my parent to attend?

Yes! To attend the STEM Immersion: Boston Tour, each attendee must purchase a tour by filling out an enrollment form individually with their personal information. Parents are allowed to accompany their students on this tour, and they would participate in all aspects of the tour just as every other member does.


If a parent and/or guest wants to attend the tour with their member, which room option should we select as a group?

Each attendee (parents and guests included) must fill out their own individual enrollment form to attend the tour. Please note tour prices are per person regardless of group size. Adults can only be placed in a room with students they are attending the tour with. If a parent and a student would like to attend the tour and room together, the student would fill out an enrollment form and select TWIN and the parent would fill out their own enrollment form (with their information as both the traveler and emergency contact) and select TWIN. If the student does not want to room with their parent and would like to be paired with other students attending the tour, the parent must select SINGLE and then the student can select any rooming option. For a group of 4 attending the tour (any combination of parents, student, siblings, guests), ALL attendees would fill out their own individual enrollment form with their personal information and ALL select QUAD.


If a parent and/or guest wants to attend the tour with their member, do they have to use Non-Member pricing?

No! As an NSHSS member benefit, members along with their guests can use the NSHSS member tour pricing. Please note tour prices are per person. Non-Member pricing is reserved for students unaffiliated with NSHSS that would like to attend the tour.


Does NSHSS provide transportation to Boston?

Each attendee is responsible for their own transportation arrangements. NSHSS does not assist with airfare and flights are not included in this tour price. With NSHSS members all over the country, it would be too difficult to facilitate flights for every member coming from different airports at different times. Some members are also within driving distance and don't need flights, so we are able to offer a lower price for everyone without flights included.


What is included in the tour package?

The package includes hotel accommodations for the week, shuttle transportation, breakfasts and dinners, guided tours and activities, full time tour director, overnight security, illness and accident coverage, and all gratuities.


Will there be meals provided during the tour?

NSHSS will provide a welcome dinner reception upon attendee arrival in Boston on Day 1. On each full tour day, breakfast and dinner will be provided. Some lunches will be provided, but on the other days tour participants will be taken to a popular area and be given free time to eat lunch on their own. Be sure to plan to provide your lunches as tour participants are welcome to eat at an eatery of their choosing. This is always a great opportunity for students to make friends with other participants, shop for souvenirs, and have some freedom to explore the area a little. On departure day, attendees can enjoy breakfast at the hotel before the days activities and then making their way to the airport. 


What if I live close by and don't need a hotel room?

The NSHSS STEM Immersion: Boston Tour is only sold as an all-inclusive tour package, so unfortunately, we are unable to remove the cost of the hotel from the tour price as that is a large part of the package. Keeping all tour participants at the same hotel makes it easier on us overall to keep everyone accounted for overnight and so we don't run into logistical issues in transportation to and from the hotel and daily activities. The package however does not include airfare as members are flying in from all over the country, so that's great you are so close and won't have to worry about purchasing travel arrangements!


Do you offer financial assistance for this tour?

As NSHSS tours are entirely optional to our members, we currently do not have any financial assistance programs for our tours at this time. However, payment arrangements are very flexible to allow participants to create their own payment plan and pay the tour fee in increments of their choosing at any time and as many times as they would like up until the final due date. Please be sure check out our NSHSS Scholarships page for multiple scholarship opportunities where many of the scholarships are open to both high school and college students. Keep an eye out as new scholarships are always being added!