July 20 is NSHSS Nobel Day

Today we pay special tribute to our co-founder, Claes Nobel, and to the spirit of the Nobel family, for all that they stand for. 

Born July 20, 1930, Claes Nobel was a grandnephew to Alfred Nobel, who established the Nobel Prizes. Mr. Nobel lived his life proud to serve such a surname, unwavering in his commitment to humanitarian efforts worldwide, to the youth of all backgrounds and nations, to matters of environmental protection, and to efforts in peace and the human spirit. 

In co-founding our organization, the National Society of High School Scholars, Mr. Nobel understood that the youth represent the future of our cities, our nations, and our world. 


"There is a special place in my heart for encouraging and recognizing the youth of the world.”

- Claes Nobel, senior member of the Nobel Prize family and co-founder of NSHSS