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Student Council

Student Council

Student Council

Are you a college or university student who goes above and beyond to carry out the NSHSS mission of world betterment, academic excellence, and service? NSHSS Student Council members embody these qualities. They are exemplary college and university students who are eager to share their experiences, advice, and tips and tricks with high school students to help usher them into the next phase of their academic pursuits.

NSHSS Student Council members come from every corner of the Earth and provide high school students with information of NSHSS programs, scholarships, and activities as well as advice on surviving freshman year and college life in general. Our Student Council members typically join for the leadership opportunities and the ability to mentor the next generation of NSHSS members. Student Council members typically:

  • Give a tour of their college or university campus to incoming NSHSS students
  • Advise on new NSHSS programs and initiatives
  • Volunteer at NSHSS events
  • Partake in social media takeovers
  • Mentor and/or tutor other NSHSS members or students
  • Give guidance and advice to incoming college students
  • Provide content about what it takes to be a successful college student, their experiences, and more

Our Student Council body currently has over 600 members! Interested in becoming a member of Student Council? You must be currently enrolled in university to apply. Head on over to your member dashboard to apply.

To connect with one of our Student Council members or to find out more about joining, email us at

Applications for 2020 will open in August and close in September.


Our Student Council members are always doing something incredible. Whether it’s founding nonprofits, earning an academic award, designing life-changing medical devices, or winning a sports championship, we want to hear from you! You’re an inspiration to us here at NSHSS, and we think your accomplishments will inspire our members, too.

Submit your achievement here for a chance to be featured on the NSHSS blog, social media or in our quarterly Scholar’s Journal!

Featured NSHSS Student Council Members