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Aidan La Francois, NSHSS Ambassador, qualifies for the Far West Division Skiing Regionals


Monday, March 18, 2019

Aidan La Francois, NSHSS Ambassador, Qualifies for the Far West Division Skiing Regionals

Aidan Le Francois, a sophomore at Mammoth High School in California, has been skiing competitively since he was 6-years old on the Mammoth Mountain Ski Team. Le Francois skis in the Far West Division, which includes California and Nevada. He shared a little bit about his time with this sport and how it impacts his life as an NSHSS scholar.  

"I've been fortunate enough to qualify for Regionals twice. Last year, as a first year U16, Regionals were held in Alyeska, Alaska. Basically, every state west of the Colorado Rockies takes their top 20+ people to compete. I also qualified my second year of being a U14, and that year, the Regionals were in Alpine Meadows, which is in the Lake Tahoe area.

Skiing has taught me discipline, hard-work, and dedication.

Our season runs from November thru April. We travel a lot, so I miss more than 40 days of school. I also never get to sleep in late because we are often skiing at 6:30 AM and during every single holiday. I have to be very organized. I feel I have also gained independence, because when I'm on the road, I am responsible for everything: my gear, tuning, food, sleep, diet, and getting my schoolwork completed by the time I return to school. This can be challenging--especially in classes where it's easier if you never miss, like AP Spanish Literature.

I feel fortunate that my school as well as my parents support me in my skiing career. I love to ski and feel very lucky to ski five or more days a week and not compromise my education. Skiing is fun, challenging, and a great stress reliever."  --Aidan Le Francois