Friday, September 24, 2021
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At Johnson & Wales University we know that there is no shortage of colleges that high school students have to pick from when coming up with their list of top schools. Whether it be the school's location, size, campus culture, or any of the many other factors that go into choosing what the best fit is for you, we want to help you narrow your search. Check out the top 11 reasons why JWU should be on your top schools list:

1. 80+ programs

With over 80 programs ranging from Finance to Graphic Design and everything in between, there is sure to be something for you at JWU! We even go as far as to offer our students the opportunity to Design Your Own Major, giving them the chance to forge their very own path with a faculty mentor. Begin exploring all of our programs now!

2. Two great locations

JWU has campuses in both Providence, R.I. and Charlotte, N.C. meaning no matter where you choose to study, the only difference is the JWU difference! At our Providence campus, you can choose to either be in the heart of the city at our Downcity location or on a more classic campus setting at Harborside. Don’t worry though, our free buses get our Wildcats back-and-forth in only a matter of minutes!

At our Charlotte location, our students are quite literally surrounded by it all! Our Wildcats are within walking distance to all of the sights and sounds the Queen City has to offer.

3. Industry-leading faculty 

It’s one thing for faculty to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry, but it’s another to be shaping where it’s going while preparing the future industry leaders. At JWU many of our faculty members are still key players when it comes to the industry they teach about. This experience is beyond valuable to the students they teach, giving them an education in not only the foundations of what they’re learning about but also the future.

4. Small class sizes

For many incoming college students, the thought of sitting in a large lecture hall with hundreds of other students can be an overwhelming one. That’s why we’re proud of our 19:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Here we want our students to thrive academically and to do that we know they need close access to their instructors.

5. Classes in your major in your first semester

Why wait until your second or third year to start taking classes in your major? At JWU, you don’t have to. Get a head start learning about your passion right out of the gate.

6. A proven success rate after graduation

Our students bring passion for their chosen area, and we do everything we can to open doors and provide them an opportunity to shine. This formula means they’re already prepared with the skills and experience employers are looking for, and that is why 97.7% of them have a successful career outcome within six months of graduating. Our Career Outcomes rate is 11% higher than the national average.

7. Diverse community 

With 9,247 students spanning from 62 countries, our student population is a great sample from all across the globe. This wide range of backgrounds brings value to our university both in the diversity of lived experiences and perspectives.

8. An abundance of opportunities to get involved 

When it comes to campus life there is only one thing that’s hard to do at JWU, and that’s to get bored! At our Providence campus, we have 27 varsity athletic teams and 100+ student organizations. Meanwhile, at our Charlotte campus, we offer 11 varsity athletic teams and 40+ student organizations.

9. Our emphasis on industry experiential education

At JWU, experience is the difference. Here, you’ll both think and do. Because learning by doing is one of the most effective and high-impact ways to learn. Experiential learning is woven into all aspects of our education, in and out of the classroom. Last year along our students took part in 1,208 internship sites, in 46 states, and 33 countries.

10. We offer tuition aid

Covering the cost of college is a big hurdle for many families. That’s why at Johnson & Wales 97% of on-campus students receive aid to help cover their costs.

11. Support everywhere you need it

From applying to JWU all the way through graduating and becoming an alum we’re here to help you. We offer personal academic and financial planners for you as a student along with our Career Services to help guide you into the career of your dreams.

Learn more about Johnson & Wales today and begin exploring BOTH of our campuses entirely from home now!


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