12 Part-time Job Ideas for Students

Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Whether in college or high school, finding means to make extra money will help you handle unforeseen expenses. Fortunately, there are many part-time jobs you can combine with your school work. You just have to find what suits your schedule and personality. Here are 12 part-time job suggestions that can help you earn in school while improving your time management skills. 

1. Bartender/Waiter

A bartender/waiter job perfectly fits students seeking to earn a little money for themselves during their free time. You can work after school during the semester or all day during the holidays. The job typically pays per hour and can be done by male and female students, so you can work when you're free and still attend classes.  

2. Store bagger

This job is the right fit for college students who have no problem lifting heavy bags. The job often requires that you help shoppers package their goods and carry them to their cars or just outside the mall where they can get a taxi. Depending on your agreement with the store owners, you can do this after school hours or during weekends. 

3. Library assistant

Library assistance would be a fascinating job for book lovers. You get to be around and have unlimited access to books in the library and still get paid for it. As a library assistant, your job may include ensuring the proper arrangement and safety of books. But that's not too difficult. Keep tabs on borrowers' information, and you'll be good to go.

4. Social media managers

Consider this one of the best part-time jobs for gen z students. Apart from handling social media pages, which is fun on its own, you'll get the chance to work remotely and can create your working hours. The job entails handling social media pages for brands or individuals and can be done from the comfort of your school dorm. 

5. Tour guide

This is another easy one. As a student, you can work in your school's student affairs department or independently to show new and prospective students around. You can also work with a local tourist center to show tourists around. However, you must know a lot about your school or local tourist centers to succeed in this job. 

6. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the oldest part-time jobs for college students. It is simple and does not require much experience. But a first-aid, CPR, or lifeguarding certification will help you negotiate better pay. All you have to do in this job is to babysit to get paid per hour. You could babysit for your parents, relatives, or neighbors. Just discuss terms with your employers, and you are good to go.

7. Pet sitting

If there are no babies to sit, you can sit pets for a fee. There are so many pet-sitting apps and agencies today. You can just sign up for one and signify availability whenever you're available and ready to work. You can also choose to help seniors who are tired of walking their dogs or feeding their fish. You can also help travelers watch their pets while they are away. 

8. Brand ambassador

Many brands and product manufacturers today are looking to expand their reach. One way they do this is by hiring famous ambassadors that can introduce the brands to their audience. If you're famous in school or have a large social media following, this is an exciting opportunity for you. A brand can hire you to share information about their products with your community on and offline while generating an audience and information for the brand.

9. Tutor

At first thought, this job may seem difficult since it requires teaching others. But don't be scared because you can do it. There are several different ways to do this job, but the best is assembling high school students or college newbies and teaching them for a fare. Use free time to organize tutorial classes for junior students. This way, you can earn money while refreshing your memory on topics you've learned before.

10. Customer service representative

This job only requires that you speak with customers, analyze their troubles, and offer solutions to their problems. Of course, it requires a lot of study about the company's policies, but that's not so difficult. Most companies provide on-the-job training to help you understand their internal policies before you begin working as a customer service representative. 

11. Cleaning Service

Job requirements - cleaning and arranging offices or homes, depending on where you get employment. You can do this part-time job when school is in session or as a full-time job during holidays. You can even get two or three houses or offices to clean on different days of the week, as long as it doesn't affect your school work. 

12. Freelance writing

This job is one of the highest-paying remote jobs currently. The position requires you to write on specific topics for websites, blogs, etc. The best part is that you can write for different employers simultaneously. You'll get steady jobs from bloggers and website owners if you deliver top-notch articles on time. 


Most of these jobs can be done as part-time jobs while school is in session or as summer jobs during holidays. Whatever you choose, just make sure you plan your schedule well so it won't affect your academic work. NSHSS offers you more info on navigating college life with or without a part-time job. Browse the NSHSS website today to learn more about college scholarships and other ways to earn money while in school.