12 Part-time Job Ideas for Students

Tuesday, January 02, 2024
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College can be a stressful time in many different ways. Much of this stress is largely due to the financial constraints that come along with beginning your college career. Luckily, there are ways to combat this issue. Whether in college or high school, finding means to make extra money will help you handle unforeseen expenses. And, what’s more, many of these part-time jobs can easily be scheduled around your school work. You just have to find what suits your schedule and personality. Here are 12 part-time job suggestions to help you earn money in school while improving your time management skills. 


1. Bartender/Waiter

Working part-time as a bartender, waiter, food runner, or host/hostess is a fantastic way to earn extra money, work after school or on weekends, and improve your social skills when meeting new people every shift. You can work after school throughout the semester, on weekends, and on holidays. The job typically pays per hour, with possible tips, and can be done by male and female students. This job allows you to work when free and still attend classes.

2. Store bagger

This part-time job is a fairly simple one, but one that can work great with your schedule. The job often requires that you help shoppers package their goods and carry them to their cars. You might also be asked to ring up the groceries, stock items in the back, or do other routine tasks throughout the grocery or department store. The best part about this type of job is that there are tons of grocery stores around, and they are always in need of a student, not to mention that they will typically have experience working around a student's schedule. So, depending on your agreement with the store owners, you can do this after school hours or during weekends. 

3. Library Assistant

Library assistance would be a fascinating job for book lovers and research enthusiasts. In this role, you would be surrounded by knowledge from start to finish. As a library assistant, your job may include ensuring books' proper arrangement and safety, aiding a library patron in their independent research, or even recommending books to the patrons. This job can even be found through your high school or university library, and they will especially understand how to work around your schedule. 

4. Social Media Managers

As a child born in the age of the internet, you are likely quite familiar with how social media is run and how it works. In a role like this, you would be granted a behind-the-scenes snapshot of a brand or influencer you admire. While these jobs might be harder to find at first, with some investigation, you will discover more roles like this than you might have imagined. This role will allow you to work remotely and create your working hours. The job entails handling social media pages for brands or individuals and can be done from the comfort of your school dorm. 

5. Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your early professional life. As an ambassador to the institution or the cultural attraction, you will be expected to learn, talk, and present yourself and your knowledge to a whole new group of people each time. This job will teach you confidence, professional decorum, and a sense of positivity usually required to bring your tour to life. As a student, you can work in your school's student affairs department or independently to show new and prospective students around. You can also work with a local tourist center to highlight a niche, exciting piece of culture and history. And not to mention just how great this job looks on future resumes. But be warned, it is not an easy job.   

6. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the more well-known part-time jobs for college students. It is simple and does not require much experience. Remember that experience in first-aid, CPR, and/or lifeguarding certification will help you negotiate better pay. Babysitting is a broad term, so be mindful when seeking out these types of jobs. To help, you could babysit for your parents, relatives, or neighbors. Discuss terms with your employers and try to find trustworthy parents or guardians. 

7. Pet Sitting

Alternatively, you can also petsit and receive a comparable income if there are no babysitting jobs. There are several pet-sitting apps and agencies today. By signing up for any of these apps, you are required to fill out your availability and are, hence, expected to be present when your availability is listed. You can also choose to help Senior Citizens who are tired of, or unable to walk their dogs. Most pet owners desire a healthy and stable stand-in when they are not present to tend to their pets themselves. With any luck, that could be you! 

8. Brand Ambassador

These days many brands and product manufacturers are looking to expand their reach through various social media products. On the other side of social media management is becoming the star yourself. If you are a student with a large social media following, this is an exciting opportunity for you. A brand can hire you to share information about their products with your community on and offline while generating an audience and information for the brand. It is a good way to learn business strategy early and maintain a healthy schedule with which to work around. 

9. Tutor

At first thought, this job may appear more daunting than it really is. While teaching may not be your first choice, clarifying the most misunderstood aspect of tutoring is important: you are not the teacher. As a student tutor, you are an aid. Your job is to form a quick, supportive relationship with the student you are tutoring. They are coming to you in times of need, and you are there to see them through this difficult educational experience. Given the right grades, several on- and off-campus facilities will hire you to tutor in the subjects you feel most comfortable discussing. On top of the money earned, you can also refresh your memory on topics you've learned before.

10. Customer Service Representative

For those not as comfortable working in a more forward-facing environment, this job allows you to speak with customers, analyze their troubles, and offer solutions to their problems, all over the phone or through emails. Of course, it requires a lot of study about the company's policies, but that's not so difficult. Most companies provide on-the-job training to help you understand their internal policies before you begin working as a customer service representative. 

11. Cleaning Service

This is a much more hands-on job that does not require as much professional experience, but it can be crucial to developing healthy habits and maintaining time management. The job requirements usually consist of cleaning and arranging offices or homes for a single home or several, depending on your listed availability. You can do this part-time job during school or as a full-time job during holidays. 

12. Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing outside of the classroom, if you have an eye for the little details, or if anybody has ever referred to you as a stickler for grammar, this job might just be for you. This is currently one of the highest-paying remote positions. It requires you to write and/or edit for websites, blogs, etc. The best part is that you can write for different employers simultaneously. You'll get steady jobs from bloggers and website owners if you deliver top-notch articles on time. 


If you are a high school or college student, receiving and maintaining a part-time job can greatly benefit your success in and outside of the classroom. Most jobs listed above can be part-time jobs while school is in session or as summer jobs during the holidays. Whatever you choose, just make sure you plan your schedule well so it does not affect your academic success. NSHSS offers more information on navigating college life with or without a part-time job. Browse the NSHSS website today to learn more about college scholarships and other ways to earn money while in school.