NewU University brings the 3-year college experience to the United States with full on-campus Bachelor’s degree programs.

Friday, August 06, 2021
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NewU University brings the 3-year college experience to the United States with full on-campus Bachelor’s degree programs.

College education has become so expensive that it is increasingly out of reach for many students and families. NewU University understands how expensive and stressful college education can be, so they redesigned the college experience from application to graduation. The new entrant offers Bachelor’s degree programs on campus in Washington, DC in 3 years, not 4, and at 70% lower tuition than the average for other private nonprofit schools in the US. Their tuition is more affordable than most public and state universities as well.


One of the key advantages NewU brings to the market is the introduction of the 3-year Bachelor’s degree program with on campus instruction to the US. Students can complete the regular 120 credit hours towards their degree while saving a meaningful amount of time and money in the process, without any disadvantages. Not only can students graduate a year earlier and pursue a career or an advanced degree having earned a full Bachelor’s degree, but they and their parents can avoid the financial burdens of an entire year of college including tuition, fees, and living expenses.


How is that possible? Stratsi Kulinski, President of NewU University, said: “Like most innovations, the solution is surprisingly simple. At NewU, semesters are just 2 weeks longer than the usual average, which enables us to comfortably schedule 120 credit hours across only 6 semesters, thus saving students and parents an entire year. The course schedules do not unduly burden students, and still leave plenty of room for the intangible benefits of college. Students attend classes only Monday – Thursday from 10 am – 3 pm, which allows them to meaningfully engage in project work and assignments, extracurricular and social activities, and even balance work and family obligations as needed. The academic calendar still leaves enough room for holidays, mid-semester breaks, and a full summer vacation to accommodate the coveted summer internship. A Bachelor’s degree in 3 years is truly a game-changer for higher education affordability.”


Why haven’t other universities done this? Just over a year ago, regulatory reform in the US finally loosened the academic term length requirements for higher education institutions, allowing them to disburse federal aid even if they set the duration of the traditional 15-17 week long semester to 14-21 weeks. Despite this newly-found flexibility, established universities may take a while to take advantage. Restructuring academic programs and adjusting faculty and staffing schedules and budgets to eliminate an entire year from the 4-year Bachelor’s degree status quo program structure takes quite a bit of time, effort, and coordination. It may even mean established universities would likely forego roughly 25% of their revenue. NewU University just launched, and it is perfectly positioned to innovate for the benefit of students, parents, and society.


NewU University is now accepting applications for its first-ever class of students for this Fall at Full-tuition and partial scholarships are available.

NSHSS members are already pre-approved for admission!



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