3 Reasons “WY” you should visit the University of Wyoming College of Business


3 Reasons “WY” you should visit the University of Wyoming College of Business

Nestled between two mountain ranges in the southeast corner of the state, Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming. The Gem City of the Plains has much to offer, aside from picture-perfect views. With a small-town feel, the University of Wyoming houses about 10,000 students each year, 10% of those right within the College of Business. While the small student-to-faculty ratio (22:1) and average class size (32) are points in themselves that set UW College of Business apart from others, there are also other great reasons why UW College of Business should be on the list for your next visit spot.


Priority on Student Success

The University of Wyoming College of Business offers education and student experience like no other. As an AACSB Accredited Business School - a standard of quality and excellence held by fewer than 5% of business schools worldwide - you are guaranteed an education that meets the expectations of the industry and prepares you to make an immediate impact.

One way we ensure this quality education and experience is through our Peter M. & Paula Green Johnson Student Success Center. This center serves as a one-stop-shop for a holistic student experience, and aims to support students before, during, and after their time at our college with units focused on enrollment, academic advising, and career services. Our student success team is ready to help you explore business program options, student opportunities, tuition, financial aid, and more! We’re here to make your college search as easy as possible and look forward to being a part of your process!


Countless Activities and Ways to Get Involved

The city of Laramie itself has much to offer. When compared to other college towns where the campus is separated from the general community, UW sits right in the middle of Laramie. Perhaps it’s because we’re the only 4-year university in the state coupled with the fact that Wyoming tends to be a very welcoming community, but the University of Wyoming and the Laramie community are closely entwined.

This is especially true for the UW College of Business. Many businesses around Laramie and the surrounding areas look to connect with students in our college for internship opportunities, consulting projects, and other means of networking. Our students are often tapped to get involved with real-world projects with local companies to help improve business plan models or efficiency practices. These unique networking opportunities allow our students to build their professional portfolios and create connections that benefit them in their time after school with us.

What’s more, our College of Business also houses many business-specific student organizations which allow an extra level of development opportunities for our students. Through these organizations, students often receive additional opportunities to connect with professionals from various industries. Some organizations also have events and competitions included, allowing our students to travel regionally, nationally, and sometimes internationally, providing even more possibilities to expand their network reach.


The Views!

Trust us when we say summer in Wyoming never sounded so good! If you haven’t ever visited Wyoming, there is something about Laramie in the summer months that sets it apart from any other location. Our campus blooms in an unforgettable way during this time of year, making your future at the University of Wyoming College of Business seem that much more real. With 320 days of sunshine each year and some of the blue-est skies you will ever see, there is something truly magical about this part of the country.

Located right within the Rocky Mountain Region, Laramie offers even more picture-perfect views during those beautiful days of hiking or rock climbing in summer and skiing or snowshoeing in the winter. Don’t believe us? Schedule your visit out to our college today to see it for yourself.