5 Benefits of Declaring a College Minor

Thursday, June 02, 2022

College can be an exciting time. New places, studies, friends, and deciding the path you will follow for the rest of your life—declaring a major. But what about declaring a minor? Is there any benefit in that?

Many may not realize that majors and minors in college are of the utmost importance. Declaring a minor can be just as essential as declaring a major—if not more so! One may assume that a minor is merely an elective filler but that is not the case.

Here are all the top 5 major benefits of declaring a college minor:

Expand Your Skills

Declaring a minor can be a great way to expand your skills. Opening yourself to new classes that do not fall under your major paves the path to discovering new passions. A minor may even overtake your major if you find something that is more in line with what you are looking for—without ever having known it without that class.

Majors confine students into learning information solely on the topic of their major. This limits the availability of learning more techniques and skills your future employer may be looking for. Your skills will be broadened as you embark on learning there are different approaches to accomplishing the same tasks. NSHSS holds virtual events and in-person events that allow you to explore college and career possibilities.

Improve Outlook on the Future

When you limit yourself to only your college major, the outlook on your future may be dulled. According to the Huffington Post, college minors can provide you with the extra skills that give you an edge over your competition.

Having more experience than your competitor is the difference between you landing the job—or them. It is vital to obtain as much education and experience as possible while you are in college before you begin interviewing for the next step.

Double Major

Did you know it is possible to declare a double major? If you fall in love with your minor, it may be best to consider declaring a double major versus dropping your original college major. First, research what course requirements you need to determine how a minor compares to a double major.

Next, all you’ll need is to take a few more classes to turn your minor into another major. Employers will be thrilled you have an advanced education—perhaps over your competitors. The best part? You have a double education without spending more time in school.

Personal Interests

You will have the major benefits of the chance to study new things when you declare a minor. You can discover newfound interests and passions on a personal level that will transcend throughout your lifetime.

You have the opportunity to finetune your writing skills in creative writing classes or to learn inside marketing secrets. These skills translate to other areas of your personal life—and even your future career.


You can develop essential diversity skills when declaring a college minor. If you minor in a foreign language, you may have an advantage over other candidates for the same position. You can get hired at more places that need employees who speak another language as you can reach more of their clients. It is an absolute bonus!

To have a degree in a foreign language, you may get lucky and have an opportunity to get paid more as you are more equipped than if you only had a college major in another subject. You can continue to develop these skills based on the foundation you learned in school both in your professional and personal life.

No matter which minor you declare, it is sure to increase your educational output as you embark on your future career journey. Minors offer as much—if not more—benefit than a college major alone. NSHSS partners can be a great resource for college students, whether they have just started their freshman year, or are nearing graduation and in search of post-college employment and internship opportunities.