5 Reasons Why It’s Important for Educators to Join Professional Organizations

Friday, July 05, 2019
5 Reasons Why It S Important For Educators To Join Professional Organizations

One thing many educators do not take full advantage of is professional organizations. Joining professional organizations is not only important from a career development perspective, but they also provide excellent opportunities to network and meet new people. A problem many teachers and educators share is the inability to find the right professional organizations. This post will outline 5 benefits of educational organizations for teachers, highlighting NSHSS.


Grants and Scholarships

One of the best reasons to join a professional organization is for the financial assistance offered to its members. A lot of these organizations will offer grants and scholarships that can provide you with the much-needed funds to advance in your career. In addition to looking impressive on your CV, they can also help you deliver better quality lessons for your students. As an example, NSHSS awards almost $100,000 annually to educators in pursuit of higher education, professional conferences, and assistance with classroom materials.


New Ideas

Interacting with so many like-minded people, you’ll be exposed to a plethora of new and innovative teaching ideas. This can open you up to completely fresh teaching strategies that take your lessons to the next level. It can also provide original research opportunities that help you become more knowledgeable in your chosen field, which drives competitive edge over your peers and can be the driving force behind rapid career development.


Building Connections

Networking is becoming an increasingly important part of academia. By meeting corporate and educational leaders in your field, you open yourself up to a wealth of potentially lucrative opportunities. This is especially useful if you’re in the job market and can potentially get a leg up in the application process due to your connections. This could also prove valuable while studying or researching, opening up the possibility of collaboration in your research area. If you’re interested in connecting with  like-minded educators, there simply aren’t many better options than a professional organization.


Career Development

Another beneficial component of professional organizations for teachers is the opportunity for career development. This ties in with the grants and scholarships that we outlined earlier, in that they provide impressive resume material and advanced education. Continued education is one of the best ways to enhance your future earning potential, especially if you go the scholarship route. Additionally, effectively utilizing networking events can have a similar effect if you’re more socially inclined. If you feel like you’re stuck in a career rut, professional organizations are a helpful way to break out of it.


Become a Better Educator

Ultimately, professional organizations provide one of the best self-improvement avenues for all educators. You can improve yourself through further education and learn new ideas from like-minded professionals. Organizations like NSHSS consistently offer programs that can help with skills like leadership, communication, and teamwork. These can help you inside and outside the classroom and ensure that you give your students the best possible experience. If you feel as though you’re becoming a bit stagnant in your career, joining a professional organization is an excellent choice for continued growth and success.