7 Best Business Majors for the Future

Saturday, December 16, 2023
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In today's ever-evolving world of business, choosing the right major can make all the difference in one's career trajectory. As industries transform, adapt to technological advancements, and navigate global shifts, certain areas of study become particularly promising for future professionals.

But knowing the best business majors for the future can be a difficult task for a high school student. We're here to help, with this list of seven business majors that are predicted to be in high demand in the future. Students who choose one of these majors will be well-prepared for careers in a wide range of fields. So whether you want to become a CEO or start your own business, some of the top business degrees in demand may be right for you. But what are the best business degrees?


Business Administration 

This is a field of study that covers a broad range of topics related to business and commerce which includes: 

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurship

There are many different career options available for graduates of a business administration program, some of which you may not expect and can be lucrative. Some popular choices include: 

Business administration is a versatile degree that can prepare graduates for various careers in the business world or even an MBA. If you are interested in pursuing a career in business, then a degree in business administration may be the right choice for you.


Accounting is the process of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions to provide helpful information in making business decisions. It helps businesses track their income and expenses, assess their financial performance, and plan for the future.

Graduates can pursue careers as one of these common jobs with a business degree in accounting: 

Whether it's a small company or a large corporation, every business needs someone who can manage its finances and ensure that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations. That's where accountants come in, and those who earn a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) title will always have a job. 

Marketing Manager building a workflow


This is a business degree that can teach students about the process of marketing and its related concepts. It is important to remember that marketing is about advertising and selling products and includes research, planning, and strategy.

Marketing is a vital part of any business, and with the proper training, you could have a successful career in this area. For example, you could specialize in digital marketing or direct marketing and some of the top marketing certifications include the: 

Even if you start out with a specialization, there are paths to become a Chief Marketing Officer or other high-ranking titles as your career grows.


A major in business degree in economics can help prospective college students learn about economic theory and concepts. Keeping in mind that economics is not just about money but also includes factors like production, consumption, and distribution is important, and those with a love for theory may be best fit for the major.

There are a number of ways that economics can apply to the business world. You could, for example, specialize in macroeconomics, microeconomics or take your skills to the federal level.


Finance as a business degree that is relatively theoretical and could apply to a number of industries and roles. You will learn about financial concepts and apply them in the real world. However, the theory can be quite dry and difficult to understand. There are often a lot of calculations involved, so you need to be good at math to do well in this subject.

With the right qualifications, you could end up working as an:

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems is a business degree that teaches the use of information technology in business. It is a relatively new field, but it is growing in popularity.  The degree is designed for students who want to work in business, but also have an interest in technology.

An MIS degree can also lead to careers in consulting, project management, and research and development. With the right experience, MIS graduates can even start their own businesses.

Self-employed creative entrepreneur working from home


Entrepreneurship degrees are available at many colleges and universities, and they are becoming increasingly popular.

There are numerous reasons why students may wish to enroll in an entrepreneurship program. Students can learn how to start and run their own businesses through entrepreneurship. In addition, entrepreneurship courses can equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in any career.

Guiding You in Your Future Career

If you're still undecided about what to study in college, or you have a high school student who is more business-oriented, these majors are a great place to start.

If you need help making that decision, don't forget that the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) offers resources and guidance for students interested in pursuing a degree in business. We encourage you to reach out and learn more about how our organization can help you achieve your academic goals.