Best Reasons Why High School Sophomores Should Prepare For College

Friday, August 13, 2021
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While your high school sophomore year may feel like you've finally settled in, it's also the year you should begin looking ahead to college and beyond. This post will motivate you to make the best of your second year to improve your prospects for college admission and scholarships for high school sophomores.

We identify the best reasons you should prepare for college during your high school sophomore year. That includes studying for the SATs, applying for internships, volunteering, and getting involved in extracurricular activities, among many other actions to prepare you for adulthood.


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Thinking about college earlier boosts your chances of a successful college experience in and out of the classroom.

Thinking about college as early as possible will improve your chances of getting into the college you want and securing the scholarships for high school sophomores you need. It will also prepare you for the other challenges of college beyond academic readiness.

To have a successful college experience means genuinely having an overall enjoyable adventure that preparing for college ahead of time forces you to ponder your future, such as living independently, having a social life, managing your time, and setting long-term goals like any young adult. Tackling these significant life changes earlier grants you enough space and time to become more confident, resilient, and independent for the challenges ahead. That will also better prepare you to apply for competitive scholarships for high school sophomores sooner.

Studying for the SAT or ACT your sophomore year makes you familiar with the test and practice the skills you require to get the score you want.

By studying for the SAT or ACT now, you won't stress about taking (or retaking) the test to get the score you need, whether to get into the school or land the scholarships for high school sophomores you want.

Instead, studying and taking practice tests well before test time will make you more comfortable with the test's structure, questions, and time limit. Best of all, you have time to single out your weaknesses and work on them. With less pressure, because you're well-prepared, not only will you do better, but you won't be overwhelmed. You'll have the advantage when applying for highly competitive scholarships for high school sophomores like NSHSS scholarships.

An internship not only looks attractive on your college or scholarships for high school sophomores application, but it will help you determine your best college to career path.

Applying for early internships will give you the best chance to get one in your planned course of study in college.

More important than looking good on your applications for college and scholarships for high school sophomores, an internship during your sophomore year is an effective way to determine whether specific career interests are genuinely for you. By getting hands-on experience in your desired job or industry early, you will save yourself from enrolling in a major that's utterly wrong for you. However, if you've proven you are on the right track, it will make you a stronger candidate, whether you're applying for scholarships for high school sophomores or a job after college.

If you need more insight into the preferences, attitudes, and goals of other high-achieving high school and college-aged individuals, check out the 2020 Career Interest Survey.

Taking up volunteer work and extracurricular activities your sophomore year shows that you are a well-rounded student and sets you on the road to stay one.

When you get involved in volunteer work and extracurricular activities as early as possible in high school, it only adds to your overall package. 

Decision-makers notice well-rounded students when reviewing scholarships for high school sophomores. Rest assured that students who participate in extracurricular activities perform better in school overall, including better SAT scores, higher GPAs, and better attendance.

Apart from higher academic success, taking up volunteer work and extracurricular activities also builds your character, teaches you valuable time-management and teamwork skills, and develops your positive attitude towards the community. While it might not significantly affect your admission into college or scholarships for high school sophomores, it can make you stand out from other applicants.


If this post prompted you to prepare for college as early as your high school sophomore year, you will find more tips and guidance at National Society of High School Scholars supports young academics on their journey to college and beyond.