College in Italy: Gain an International Network and Cross-Cultural Skills While Studying at Bocconi University, Milan

Monday, December 14, 2020

When you imagine yourself in college, what do you see?

If learning at a top-ranked business school, pursuing European internship opportunities, hanging out in cafes with international friends, acquiring language skills, and building a global network are part of your dream, consider getting your Bachelor’s degree (in English) in Italy at Bocconi University.

Bocconi is recognized internationally for its academics and research in economics, management, finance, political science, and data science. An international community, focused curricula, innovative teaching methods, classes taught in English, and a global network of exchange partner schools and employers are a few of the features that make Bocconi’s Bachelor’s programs unique. Thanks to its fully accredited, three-year, interdisciplinary approach, students can obtain a highly-ranked, undergraduate education in less time.

Bocconi is an economical option for students who are seeking a high quality, private research university education at tuition rates comparable to many US public colleges, with a range of scholarship opportunities that attract top students from abroad. 

We interviewed Carly, from Pennsylvania, as well as Astrid and Benjamin, who both left New York to pursue their education in Milan. Here’s what these recent alumni and current student shared about their experiences as Americans at Bocconi:


Why did you choose Bocconi?

“After finishing my high school studies in New York, I was interested in both finance and fashion. Bocconi was a great option as I could explore both of those interests, studying at one of the top universities for finance and business as well as being in the fashion capital of the world. It was also a great opportunity to immerse myself in a new city and learn a new language” — Benjamin 


How was your Bachelor’s experience?

“I enjoyed the flexibility of the Italian university system. I was surprised that most classes have only one or two exams for the entire grade. I appreciate that the course schedule gave me time to plan my week and make room for in-company visits, presentations with prestigious speakers who visited Bocconi, and traveling.“ — Carly

"Studying at Bocconi was the best experience I could have hoped for. Coming from the US, I was worried about the language barrier in Milan but this proved to not be an issue at all, and you learn to pick up the essential phrases quickly. The students were really what made Bocconi special. The coursework can be challenging at times, but I found the students to be very collaborative and we would learn from each other.” —  Benjamin



What about student life?

“After having lived in Milan for three years, I can attest that as a tourist, there aren’t many attractions, but living in Milan is a completely different experience. You have high quality food options, new restaurants to discover, plenty of parks, shopping areas, bars and nightclubs, catered to anyone’s liking. You’re also immersed in the Italian lifestyle which includes long coffee breaks and meals with your friends. In addition, Milan is in the center of Europe and you have the opportunity to travel cheaply to destinations such as London, Paris, Geneva, Marrakesh, Tel Aviv, Florence, and Naples.” —  Benjamin

“As an international student, the move to Bocconi and to Italy was a big decision of course. Most of the people here are from all over the world and have very different experiences - making it amazing to learn not only within the classroom but also outside in your daily life. I guarantee you will find your place within Bocconi easily."  —  Astrid


Anything to add about the Bocconi experience?

"Overall, my Bocconi experience was a dream come true. It was a beautiful life experience to spend three years in Italy learning from so many wonderful and intelligent colleagues and world-renowned professors. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I will always have a special place in my heart for Bocconi.” — Carly


Applications for Fall 2021 are due January 25.


For more info on Bocconi, to connect with student ambassadors, to learn about the two-week July program for high school students, or to request a recording of a Dec. 9 webinar with admissions tips, contact Tricia Brown, NYC-based Bocconi University liaison, at