Congratulations to Serhat Kariparduc

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
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About a month ago, I had the amazing experience of going to Washington DC for my Congressional Gold Medal Award Ceremony. I got to meet with a professional athlete, inspirational businessmen, governors, and many congressmen. It was not only amazing to be around such great individuals, but it was also equally as fascinating to be around such inspirational people. I truly thank the Congressional Award Program for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their program.

The Congressional Award is a program that awards/honors motivated youth to excel in four different areas: voluntary public service, personal development, physical fitness, and expedition/exploration.

For my Congressional Award, I volunteered at numerous different institutions and competitions both in and out of state, played soccer for physical fitness, studied for the SAT and SAT Subject tests for personal development, and explored the great city of Istanbul in Turkey for my expedition/exploration.

The Congressional Award is truly an amazing program that is a must-do for any motivated student who is willing to take themselves to the next level. Having the Congressional Award in one's high school resume is a great advantage in the college admissions process.

Serhat Kariparduc
NSHSS Member
Beehive Science and Technology Academy, Sandy, Utah

University of California, Los Angeles