Do You Need Help Finding Ivy League Scholarships?

Thursday, November 24, 2022
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For many students, getting into Ivy League schools is an uphill battle. Many think that low acceptance rates are the biggest hurdle, but in reality, getting accepted is only the start of the process of actually attending. One primary setback students face is financial constraints. One year of expenses at an Ivy League school reaches over $60,000. 

Students admitted into any of the Ivy League schools, quickly flock to the internet for resources. From discovering how scholarships work to learning about the most common types of scholarships, students can benefit greatly from the amount of free money available. 

But, finding real Ivy League scholarship opportunities isn’t always easy. 

How To Find Ivy League Schools Scholarships 

A Google search on how to find Ivy League schools scholarships will get you well over 2 million results. Students and their families often spend their valuable time searching through hundreds of pages without any legitimate Ivy League scholarship leads. But, there is a better way. Becoming a member of the National Society of High School Scholars is a window of opportunity to find great scholarships for Ivy League schools. With the NSHSS, you can avoid scholarship scams and spend your time working towards the hundreds of authentic and credible scholarships available. 

NSHSS members can take advantage of many scholarship opportunities to help pay for college, study abroad programs, summer programs, and graduate school. 

National Society of High School Scholars 

Many Ivy League scholars have found a way to make their dreams come true. Although the financial cost of attending Ivy League schools is high, these institutions welcome thousands of new students each year.

NSHSS has supported young academics since 2002. Their goal is to support academic achievement and world betterment. By connecting members with scholarships, college fairs, internships, career and leadership opportunities, partner discounts, etc. students are more equipped to handle the challenges of Ivy League schools. Networking with Ivy League alumni or making connections with current students can help future Ivy League students prepare academically and financially. 

NSHSS Ivy League University Tour 

Another way NSHSS helps its members prepare for Ivy League schools is through the Ivy League University Tour. The tour visits Harvard, MIT, Brown, Yale, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, UPenn, John Hopkins, and Georgetown. 

Over seven days, students will get in person tours of some major Ivy League schools. Students can get a feel for what each campus is really like. Each Ivy League school differs in its campus culture and community. Reading about Ivy League schools on the internet is great, but there is something magical about walking through each campus. The magnificent buildings, gorgeous grounds, and opulent scenery is something that must be experienced in person. 

The surrounding areas, cities, and tourist attractions can be beneficial in helping you decide which Ivy League schools fit you best. This amazing experience is a peek into what your life as an Ivy League scholar will really be like. Moving to a new city and location is a process. Before choosing your top Ivy League preferences, you need to experience each school, and its location and evaluate the extent it meets your needs and preferences. 

Final Thoughts 

High school is four years to prepare for your future. The college you attend can make a major impact on the rest of your life. For many, attending an Ivy League school is the ticket to a prestigious Masters Degree program, Doctoral Degree, law school, and career. 

Ivy League schools scholarships can go a long way to benefiting you financially. While college savings, grants, and loans are helpful, an Ivy League scholarship can help provide some breathing room. 

Utilizing the benefits of organizations such as NSHSS can be a major game changer. With access to events, scholarships, and networking opportunities you can live by the famous quote, “Work smarter, not harder”.