High School Scholarships for Every Passion

Friday, May 31, 2024
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Any college student's life is all about trying new things, finding a path toward your future, and immersing yourself as deeply as possible in your passion. Even if these artistic or scientific passions are not tied directly to your overall major or area of expertise, college is a time when you can wear many hats and discover new worlds you never knew were waiting. Thanks to the hundreds of scholarships today, the average high school student does not have to wait until college to explore their passions and dig deep into different parts of the world. 

Here at NSHSS, we pride ourselves on offering every student who joins our organization the chance to see the world in a different light and find ways to assist them along the way. We strive to offer students as many resources as possible to aid in their pursuit of higher education. Whether it be scholarships, grants, or advice from college graduates, we want you to feel confident that what you’re learning about and what you’re passionate about does not always have to be exclusive. 

We aim to cast a wide net and find the most varied scholarships available. These scholarships are meant to be different from one another. NSHSS is built for students from all backgrounds, and that means a whole host of different arenas. Check out the list below to see just a small portion of the amazing opportunities that await you! 


Notorious RBG Women of Tomorrow Scholarship

This scholarship is meant to highlight the power that the “Notorious RBG” had and all the women like her. She was truly an icon, and this scholarship honors her by honoring you. The scholarship will grant 10 applicants with $1,000 each for “their efforts to embody the spirit of RBG within their own communities.” It is not only an exciting opportunity, it is an important invest in your future. 


NSHSS Creative Writing Scholarship

If you have a passion for writing, this scholarship is a must. As some say, nothing is more freeing than the blank page. And this scholarship hopes to honor that by awarding both fiction and poetry writers across the country. Six winners will be selected, three from fiction and three from poetry, and each will be awarded with $2,000. Not only that, but each winner’s piece will be posted on the NSHSS website. 


NSHSS Film and Video Production Scholarship

The visual medium is more integral to our lives than ever before. Filming is done everywhere, from ads to YouTube videos to TikTok, sports, movies, and television. We at NSHSS value this important skill and hope to see others learn and grow in the industry. If you can make a creative short film about a day in your life, you might get the chance to be one of the three selected winners, awarded $2,000 towards your tuition. 


NSHSS Passion for Public Service Scholarship

One way to make a difference in the world is by helping those closest to you. Through our amazing volunteer scholarship, there is a way to help others and invest in yourself simultaneously. By writing an essay highlighting what community and larger global impacts you have made in your life, you can be one of the five winners awarded $1,000 for your tuition. This is a fantastic scholarship that emphasizes the importance of taking care of the world around us. 

CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program 

For many years, NSHSS and the Central Intelligence Agency have partnered to help high school students like you gain a new perspective of the world around them. This year, this could be your chance to discover what the CIA offers. The Central Intelligence Agency understands the value of people with diverse backgrounds. Students with financial hardships will receive tuition assistance of up to $18,000 through these scholarships. Going further than that, STEM students can receive up to $25,000 in tuition assistance. This money can help pay for books, housing, meal plans, etc. As long as you have good grades, show how hard you work, and can prove devotion to the mission of the CIA, you have a shot at a wonderful first start to your college career. 


NSHSS Performing Arts: Dance Scholarship

Being an artistic student can take on many forms. For those interested in the performing arts, such as interpretive dance, ballet, or hip-hop, this multifaceted scholarship is exactly what you need.  Three students will be awarded $2,000. This selection process is based on a video submitted displaying the student’s performing arts skills and unique talent, along with an essay highlighting their background and dreams for a future career in the performing arts. 


NSHSS Student-Athlete Scholarship

student-athlete NSHSS

Balancing school and sports is a very tough job for any high school student, no matter the gender, the sport, or the point you’re at in your high school career. At NSHSS, we want to see how you do it. By submitting an essay answering the question posted in the link provided, you can be one of ten winners, earning $2,000 towards tuition. You may also submit a video/photo display of you performing the sport. 


NSHSS Diversity Scholarship

The topic of diversity and the ongoing discussion has never been more important. In today’s culture, students should be made aware of how different diversity issues impact their daily lives and their future. NSHSS wants to highlight high school students who have made a difference in their community about the conversation surrounding diversity. If you are a high school student who has helped contribute to the policies, practices, and procedures surrounding diversity, feel free to submit an essay sharing your experience. Your selection by the scholarship board will provide you a chance to become one of five students to be awarded $2,000. Above all, this scholarship is an organic springboard for students to unpack what diversity means in our current culture.  


NSHSS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Scholarship

It is no secret that the world is changing, and much of that concerns technology. Instead of steering away from it, we encourage those high school students with a passion for new technology to display what they know, and how they can be the future leaders of AI. By submitting a portfolio of an essay discussing AI and its impact, as well as pictures/vidoes of your involvement with the technology, you can earn $1,500 towards tuition. This is a scholarship you don’t want to miss. 


NSHSS Community College or Trade School Scholarship

Today’s high school students have many more choices for further education than ever. This does not just mean that more students simply go to a four-year university. The branches of higher education have grown, providing more specific paths for students. If you want to further your education but you do not feel that a four-year university is your way forward, that is no problem. For those students interested in attending community college, or invested in a particular trade, this scholarship is incredibly important. Five students will be selected for $1,000 towards tuition by submitting an essay explaining what they hope to gain from community college or trade school, along with photos displaying their work in a chosen trade. This scholarship is open to any grade high school student considering an alternative path towards their future education and career. If this sounds like you, be sure to submit your application.


At the end of the day, no one can become the best version of themselves on their own. Everybody needs a helping hand here and there, and we at NSHSS understand. Through many partnerships across the world, we can provide financial assistance for any student with a passion for community and world betterment. Whether it’s politics, filmmaking, community service, or technology, we have a scholarship for you. So don’t be afraid to visit our website, explore, and see just how many amazing opportunities we have in store. You will not be disappointed. Instead, we hope that you are excited—we certainly are!