How to Go From Being a Good Teacher to a Great Teacher

Monday, February 24, 2020
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Teachers and educators are some of the most important figures in a community, and they shoulder much responsibility. Whether they’re communicating the simple building blocks of learning, like reading, writing, and arithmetic, or the more complex, layered subjects like organic chemistry or literary theory, every teacher carries a responsibility to deliver their students an education. With this, the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher can have a huge impact on the overall quality of a student’s education. Read on to discover how to develop from a good teacher to a great one. 

Positive Attitude

Students are sponges, and they soak up much more than just the material on the next test. Great teachers inject positivity into their classroom and into their curriculum. A major component of how to be a better teacher involves attitude and outlook. When students associate positivity with you, your subject, and your assignments, their education benefits. 

Clear Goals & Objectives

Most teachers only have a few weeks or semesters to deliver a quality experience to their students. Therefore, great teachers set clear goals and objectives – for themselves, their lessons, and their students. Such an exercise creates opportunities for measurement, reflection, and optimization. Define your own goals and objectives to become a better teacher. 

Adapt to Students’ Needs

Not all teachers or students are created equal. To be a better teacher, you have to adjust your style to meet your students. One pupil may benefit from a method totally unique from another pupil. Great teachers recognize this reality, and work to deliver an education that best serves all of their students. 

Teach Holistically

Education refers to an infinite number of things. Just because you teach biology doesn’t mean you can only teach your students about cells and living organisms. Teachers wield the influence to teach their students how to interact with others, how to manage their time, how to show respect, and how to mature. Great teachers are not confined by the syllabus – they are inspirational figures who will be remembered by their students long after their final exams.