How to Improve Your GPA Before the Semester Ends

Monday, April 30, 2018
How To Improve Your Gpa Before Semester Ends

So it’s halfway through the semester, you just saw what your GPA is and now you’re wondering, “how can I improve my GPA before the semester ends?” You may be under a lot of pressure because you need to maintain a certain GPA to retain a scholarship or because you’re looking ahead toward grad school applications; either way the worst thing to do is panic. Take a few deep breaths and don’t stress. You’ve come to the right place because there actually are a few ways to improve GPA in the coming weeks.


Ask About Extra Credit

Believe it or not, most teachers and professors genuinely do want to see you succeed, so if they see a student going out of their way to improve, they’re likely to want to give you an opportunity to do just that. What they expect you to do will vary, but many teachers and professors will offer you an opportunity for extra credit to help you boost your grade and improve GPA.


Participate in Class

It can be tempting to zone out in class and scroll through Instagram or skip it all together when you feel like you can learn the information from the book, but you may underestimate the value your professor places on class involvement. If you’re right on the line between a C and a B, your teacher may be more likely to round up if you’ve been showing an active interest in class, asking questions, and being more involved.


Find a Tutor

If you’re really struggling in a particular class, it may be a good idea to find a tutor. It’s never too late and having a tutor to help guide you can significantly raise your test scores, grade, and overall GPA.


Visit During Office Hours

Most professors or TAs hold office hours, which are a great time to ask questions and get clarification on concepts you don’t understand. This can also motivate you to get started on big projects or papers earlier in the semester instead of procrastinating until the night before. Not only can visiting your professor for office hours help improve your GPA, but it can also help boost your reputation as a high-performing student in the same way that diligently participating in class can.


Develop Better Study Habits

Improving your study habits can have a big impact on your exam results. Start scheduling your study time much earlier than you think you need to and organize a study group with your classmates. Study groups are an opportunity to get guidance from other students in the class who may understand the concepts that you’re struggling with and keep you motivated until finals.  


Take Care of Yourself

You’ve heard it a million times, but it bears repeating: taking care of yourself physically can seriously improve your mental abilities. Sleeping the recommended amount, eating healthy, and exercising can all help boost your brain power and get you through the semester on a high note. Intense stress and all-nighters are not the way to improve your GPA. Period.


Knowing how to improve GPA is the first step and arguably the easiest. Following through with all of these tips will take some hard work but it will pay off if you get that scholarship you’ve been wanting, so take the time to follow through on these tasks and you may just find yourself in a few weeks with the GPA you were hoping for.