Internship Readiness for High School

Thursday, December 29, 2022
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One of the best college learning experiences for students is internships. In fact, 60% of students in each graduating class since 2013 have participated in an internship. So if you are wondering “What Can I Do To Prepare For My Future Career?” you are in the right place. Internship for students are key when it comes to preparing for what comes after college. 

Internships give students insight into the real business world, the job market, and can help students determine if they are in the right field. Many internships lead to lucrative job offers, unique networking opportunities, and help students make key connections that will be valuable for their future. Your internship mentors may be your biggest resource for glowing recommendation letters and learning how to find and get your dream job. Many universities even offer college credit for legitimate and specific internships. 

However, with the rising popularity of internships, the competition is high. Many students are fighting for the same internship opportunties with big name companies or those that come with a salary or other benefits. As a high school student you can get a step ahead of other candidates by learning how to prepare for an internship now. 

How To Prepare For An Internship

High school is important to help you learn, grow, and prepare for the next steps. One of those steps should be internship readiness. No matter what field you are interested in, it’s extremely valuable to gain real-world experience and understanding the realities of the job to help you determine if that field is everything you hoped for and imagined. 

So, how do you prepare for an internship? How can you really get a step ahead of others applying for the same internship opportunites? The answer is clear. The National Society of High School Scholars Intern Readiness Certificate Program

Intern Readiness Certificate Program 

The Interness Readiness Certificate is a great way to show those hiring for internships that you have gone the extra mile to prepare. Through this program you will learn career readiness skills, critical thinking, how to manage priorities, and everything you need to be a successful intern. 

Hiring managers are intrigued and attracted to students who have put the work in and shown tenacity. Impressive grades and extracurriculars are great, but many other students will have that too. Setting yourself apart with internship readiness and learning how to prepare for an internship interview, will show you are the real deal. Imagine feeling confident and self-assured knowing you went the extra mile working to earn an internship with Fortune 500 companies like Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Amazon, Salesforce, Dycom, or Disney. Adding those names to a resume could make a major impact in your ability to interview for your dream job. 

The NSHSS is passionate about helping high school students reach the next level and become everything they dream of. The Internship Readiness Certificate is just start of what members can expect from the NSHSS. 


The National Society of High School Scholars provides a wide variety of resources to students. From special events to scholarships and even Ivy League Campus tours, members can benefit from unique experiences. As a lifetime member, students can enjoy benefits that last far beyond the high school years. The NSHSS also provides networking opportunities and scholarships for things like International Study Abroad and Graduate School.  If you aren’t an NSHSS member you may be missing out on a one of a kind experience. 

Final Thoughts

Internships for students can make a major difference in career decisions, job applications, and a students hiring potential. Students in an internship may discover that their once idiolized career isn’t what they thought. They may also find a new path that wasn’t something they even imagined for themselves. Either way, internships can play a major role in future job opportunities. 

HR managers will look at hundreds or even thousands of job applications each year, students need to find ways to set themselves apart. An Internship Readiness Certificate can help students start off on the right path and open the door to the best internship opportunities. Learning how to prepare for an internship and how to prepare for an internship interview may be exactly what they need to be a few steps ahead and  successful at getting the jobs they want. 

If you are hoping to get one of the best internships for students, internship readiness is key.