Internships for High Schools Students

Thursday, January 12, 2023
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One of the best things high school students can do to prepare for their future careers and college is to look for internship opportunities. One study found that only 2% of high school students completed internships. A high school internship may be just what you need to help set yourself apart from other students applying to top colleges and gain valuable and unmatched learning experiences. 

So, how can you convince local businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. to take on a high school intern? The best way to start the conversation is to discuss how you have prepared for internship opportunities and what you have to offer. 

Preparing for a High School Internship

While many businesses may be willing to offer an internship for high schoolers, others may not be so quick. However, if you can show your eagerness and preparedness, they may be willing to give you a shot. One great way to prepare for a high school internship is to complete the Intern Readiness Certificate Program by the National Society of High School Scholars  

The Intern Readiness Certificate Program is a 10-module program to help potential high school intern students learn core values, critical thinking, communication, leadership, relationships, inclusiveness, and more. 

Completing the Intern Readiness Certificate Program shows your capabilities as a high school intern. It also shows that you are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. Internships for students, especially high school students, can be very competitive. So it’s important to take every measure to make a good impression and show how you can make a positive impact as a high school intern. 

Through this program, the NSHSS helps students to reach bright futures. Whether students discover new career fields or learn essential life and professional lessons, internships for students are extremely beneficial. If you are looking for opportunities to continually set yourself apart, the NSHSS is an organization worth exploring. 


The National Society of High School Scholars was created to help support young scholars to become tomorrow’s leaders. The path from high school to career is unlike any other. Many students will experience the most important and impactful period of their life and will need some help and support along the way. Whether they are interested in studying abroad, seeking internship opportunities, or want an Ivy League University Tour, the NSHSS has something for all scholars. 

From sharing Intern Success Tips to awarding over 2 million dollars in scholarships annually, members have a lifetime of benefits. The organization has spent 20 years recognizing young scholars and there are over 170 countries of NSHSS members around the globe. As an NSHSS member, the opportunity to excel in college and your career is at your fingertips. 

Final Thoughts

Many students struggle to find ways to become dynamic and unmatched on their college applications. Finding an internship for high schoolers is a great way to help you achieve your goals. However, finding internships for students isn’t always easy and is often very competitive. By completing the Intern Readiness Certificate Program, you can show future mentors and hiring managers you are willing to do whatever it takes. 

Learning how to be successful as a high school intern can be exactly what you need to set yourself apart. The skills you learn in the certificate program will help you communicate, excel, and exceed expectations. Internship opportunities can go a long way in helping students to recognize if their potential career is a good fit and/or discover new career avenues. You never know what doors can be opened through the right internship opportunities. 

An internship is a very valuable and beneficial use of your time. As a high school intern, you will have an experience unlike any other. Start this process on the right path by utilizing the NSHSS Intern Readiness Certificate Program.