Ivy League Campus Tours

Thursday, December 15, 2022
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Looking at an Ivy League school as a potential student and deciding which schools to apply to is one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you will make in your lifetime. The decision-making process shouldn’t be taken lightly or without detailed care and consideration. Each Ivy League Campus offers something different. From campus culture to the special programs offered, each Ivy League school is unique. Another major factor to consider in your decision-making is the school location.   

Selecting which Ivy League campus is the best fit for you is going to take some work. Before you start making your college packing list, you are going to need to make a few in-person visits to an Ivy League campus. 

However, with busy schedules, extracurricular activities, and a heavy school load, families often push their Ivy League campus tour to the wayside. It’s hard to make time during the school year to visit each school and travel the east coast. The National Society of High School Scholars understands the time constraints and other difficulties families face getting to an Ivy League campus in person. They also understand the importance of physically seeing each campus. Thus, the NSHSS created an opportunity for students to do it all - The Ivy League University Tour.  

Ivy League Tour

The NSHSS Ivy League Tour consists of 7-days packed with university visits, tourist attractions, and sightseeing. Students will experience the east coast on a new level and immerse themself into Ivy League school culture. 

The Ivy League Campus tour will visit Harvard, MIT, Brown, Yale, Columbia, New York, Princeton, John Hopkins, UPenn, and Georgetown. Students will begin to imagine the life of college students and determine which campuses are a good fit. Many students marvel at the park-like setting of the oldest college in America, Harvard.  But, the small city feel isn’t for everyone. Additionally, with the 2021 3.43% acceptance rate, it’s important to have more than just one option. Schools like UPenn and Columbia are in the middle of it all. Big city living and something to do 24/7 may be right up your alley. A tour of Ivy League schools can make all the difference in helping you identify which schools are your top picks.

After the Ivy League campus tour and determining which schools are the best fit, you can start researching the next big question - how will you pay for an Ivy League education? Don’t worry too much - NSHSS can help with that too. 

NSHSS Membership

As a lifetime member of the NSHSS, students have access to college scholarship opportunities that can help pay for college, international study abroad, summer programs, and graduate school. Over 2 million dollars of scholarships are awarded annually and 23% of members are first generation college students. Each NSHSS member is given the opportunity to not only attend an Ivy League tour, but to help pay for their tuition through scholarships. This win-win opportunity can create lifelong connections, networking possibilities, and a way for students to meet others in the same phase of life. 

Final Thoughts 

Acceptance into an Ivy League school is extremely impressive. Students are committing the next several years of life to one of the top schools in the world. But, picking a college that’s right for you isn’t always an easy task. The legendary names are a great aspect but, you need to start looking past the names to determine if the school is a good fit for you personally. There’s no better way to experience each school than through an Ivy League campus tour. Students can get a feel for each Ivy League Campus culture, vibe, and surrounding area to determine if the school is their picture perfect spot.

The NSHSS is determined to be an integral part of helping each student through the college admissions process and beyond. With the NSHSS have a real opportunity to help determine which Ivy League school is most fitting and apply for scholarships to help fund their dreams.