NSHSS Celebrates Five Years with DECA

Monday, June 17, 2019

NSHSS is celebrating its 5th year of partnership with DECA! DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in high school and college from all over the globe for success in industries such as hospitality, management, marketing, and finance. Our very own NSHSS President, James Lewis, serves on the national advisory board and a as mentor for DECA’s Executive Mentor Program.

This signature event encourages 600 high school seniors to connect with and gain valuable insight from an elite group of corporate executives.  In April 2019, Mr. Lewis attended the event and shared advice, lessons learned, and how to persevere through drawbacks and disappointments regarding leadership, business management, entrepreneurship, and much more. “I continue to be inspired and encouraged by conversations with these students and feel confident that our future is in the safe and capable hands of this next generation,” says Mr. Lewis. 

National Society of High School Scholars has been a proud sponsor for DECA since 2015 and has provided $25,000 in grants and scholarships to outstanding students and educators over the past 5 years while working with the organization. Each year is more inspiring than the last and Mr. Lewis has already expressed his enthusiasm for next year’s event and meeting all the NSHSS members who are also in DECA! As always, we would like to thank the DECA team for their dedication to the betterment of students globally, and for allowing NSHSS be a part of such an important program.