Masks for Cats!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Masks for Cats! (We are the Wildcats!)

Masks for cats is a volunteer service program run by Sue Peacock, the sponsor for the 2020-2021 chapter of NSHSS at Enterprise High School. The navy blue wildcat masks were provided to us by a local vendor and were made to keep the people in our schools and community safe. We have raised over $1400 from selling these masks, and with the money, we decided to reach out and support our local schools and hospitals by providing them with lunch. For the teachers and staff at Enterprise High School, we served Chick-fil-A chicken strips, mac and cheese, fruit, cookies, sweet tea, and water. For the essential workers and nurses at our local hospital, Medical Center Enterprise, we served all of them pizza.


Being Involved

The biggest tip to keep in mind as a high school student is to be involved in school clubs and activities, as well as becoming involved in your community. It can help you learn and become comfortable with skills such as kindness, compassion, and uplifting the spirits of those around you. In my experience, being a part of the NSHSS chapter at EHS has given me the opportunity to become a leader and show my peers what is important when preparing for life after high school. Not only have I been able to serve those in my school and community, but I have been a source of support and comfort to them during these hard times. I have gained knowledge in the importance of leadership, integrity, and responsibility, which are all essential qualities of a successful role model within the academic setting.


Tips for creating a positive environment for your teachers and essential workers

If you feel led to start a service project within your chapter, it is important to reach out and communicate with your sponsor and peers. The faculty and staff of schools and the essential workers all around the world are doing the best they can under the current circumstances. In order to create a positive environment for the teachers and essential workers in your community, it is important to be present and involved every chance you get. It is not only important to be physically present, but mentally present, remembering your purpose in serving and volunteering. And in order to work and support these essential workers, we have to show support for every member and leader in our group first; Every member of the group is vital and reflects the organization's standards.



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