NSHSS: Honoring Teachers for National Education Month

Wednesday, October 09, 2019
National Education Month Nshss Educators

Exciting news: the month of November is officially National Education Month! 

During every month, and especially National Education Month, NSHSS is pleased to honor the professionals who devote their careers to education: teachers. 

Teachers go above and beyond for the students they educate, spending long hours formulating and perfecting lesson plans, grading papers, and creating new ways of approaching their teaching methods to better reach students and help them grow. 

Almost all students have at least one teacher who has come into their lives and inspired them in a life-changing way, whether encouraging them to pursue a specific dream, helping them overcome a difficult learning hurdle, or simply believing in their growth as students.

Without the dedicated educators that devote their careers to student development, NSHSS would not have such amazing scholars to serve, which is why NSHSS also makes sure to support and recognize teachers through grants, discounts, and educational events throughout the year!


How NSHSS Honors Educators Year-Round

NSHSS currently recognizes over 130,000 educators. As members of this teacher’s honor society, educators have the opportunity to apply for educator grants, enjoy special discounts, and attend events. 

Educators can also nominate their students to become NSHSS scholars, providing those students with access to scholarships, study abroad grants, internships, and leadership opportunities through NSHSS.


Educator Grants

Grants that NSHSS makes available to educators--not only teachers but also other education professionals like school counselors--include: NSHSS School Counselor Appreciation Grants, Advanced Placement Teacher Grants, and IB Teacher Grants. 

These grants provide funding support for counselors to attend the American School Counselor Association national conference and for teachers to enhance their Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programming through the purchase of resources, like classroom supplies and materials, or through organizing field trips and other educational events.


Recognition for Stellar Educators

Each year, NSHSS also recognizes educators who have made an extra effort to help their students build their academic success and develop the skills and interest in having a positive impact on the global community. 

The Claes Nobel Educator of the Year Award gives NSHSS the opportunity to highlight those educators who are not only making a difference in the lives of their students but also in the world as a whole by inspiring future leaders and contributors. 


Take Time to Thank Educators in November

Though awesome educators should receive praise and gratitude all year long, during the month of November, make a special effort to reach out to your educators--counselors, administrators, teachers, etc.--and tell them how much their efforts mean to you. 

Giving educators the appreciation they deserve is important as a reminder that all their hard work is worth their time, energy, and brainpower every day. They put in so many hours of work both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure today’s students are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Thank you, educators! NSHSS appreciates you.