NSHSS Study Abroad Scholarships: Summer 2018

Thursday, January 25, 2018
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For many students exploring new ideas in the summer, studying abroad is a great way to travel to a foreign country and earn a new perspective on the world. But beyond traveling, studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more about the world, gain unique experience in different cultural lifestyles, learn a foreign language, and broaden your resume experience.

In today’s globalized world, having cultural awareness and speaking more than one language can be a huge advantage to certain opportunities as you enter a more competitive job market. Meanwhile, exploring summer study abroad scholarships and programs prior to entering college will better prepare you to work with people from all backgrounds while in college or on a university campus. Study abroad also builds other personal qualities, enabling students to thrive independently and adapt to new environments.

At NSHSS, we currently have several opportunities for Summer 2018 study abroad scholarships. So if you’re looking to soak in your international study experience over the summer, even before regular classes start, you have multiple options! While most of our opportunities are for students 18 and older, we do have scholarships available to volunteer with United Planet that is open to students 16 and older.


Tips and Advice for Study Abroad Scholarship Applications

For tips and advice for study abroad scholarship applications, you can watch a video of NSHSS Scholarship Director Dr. Susan Thurman below or by visiting this page for more insight. As you will see, Dr. Thurman provides tips on tackling the three parts of most scholarship applications: a resume, an essay, and recommendation letters. Our main tips for completing your scholarship applications are to follow directions; stick to the topic; be specific; write your essay keeping in mind quality over quantity; read your application essay aloud; and seek 2nd and 3rd opinions from parents or guardians, friends, and mentors.

Summer 2018 NHSS Study Abroad Scholarship Information


Eligibility Requirements: NSHSS members 18 years or older

Scholarship Award: FREE TUITION ($2,040 tuition for each program) for two NSHSS members

About ESCE Paris:

Studying at ESCE Paris is a great way to increase your marketable skills and take steps toward becoming a future international leader. Regarded as one of the top post-baccalaureate business schools in France, ESCE International Business School was founded in 1968 and is a private business school that offers a Master’s degree accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Each program includes: opening ceremony, courses, cultural visits each Friday, certificate ceremony, transcripts, and 8 or 9 ECTS credits (depending on the course).

ESCE Paris offers several summer programs for students 18 years and older and offer two different certificate programs taught in English, one in Spanish, and one in French. These programs include:

  • French Luxury (English)
  • Marketing (English)
  • International Business (Spanish)
  • French Language & Culture (French)

Where: In the heart of Paris, steps away from the Eiffel Tower

Website: summer.pariseiffel.fr

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Students are responsible for their own transportation, housing, food and international insurance. Although ESCE has secured both private residences and host families, students have the freedom of choosing their own housing.



Eligibility Requirements:

Scholarship Award: FREE TUITION ($2,040 tuition for each program) for two NSHSS members

About ebs Paris:

ebs Paris was founded in 1967 as an international school of management that trains students for professional careers in marketing and sales, management, finance, communication and digital business.

ebs Paris trains future business managers who are innovative entrepreneurs concerned about ethics and social responsibility. They are also prepared to work in a digital, international and multicultural environment.

ebs Paris offers a four-week Summer Program in July, “Doing Business in Europe” which includes the following courses:

  • European Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • French Cultural Studies (Survival French + French Culture & Civilization)

The Summer Program includes: welcome event, 3 courses, cultural visits, certificate ceremony, transcripts, and 8 ECTS credits.

Website: summer.pariseiffel.fr

Where: 10 rue Sextius Michel - Eiffel 1 - Office SC004 - 75015 Paris - France

Telephone: + 33 1 40 71 37 31

Email: katy.ferreira@ebs-paris.com

To apply for the program, please email your completed Summer Program Application Form to katy.ferreira@ebs-paris.com

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Students are responsible for their own accommodation, transportation, food and international insurance.

ebs Paris can provide interested students with a list of accommodation options but students remain responsible for all bookings.



Eligibility Requirements: NSHSS members in college, in graduate school, and members who have received a bachelor's degree and are not currently enrolled in graduate school

Scholarship Award: FREE TUITION for two NSHSS college members

About ECE Paris: 

This summer certificate program is a wonderful opportunity for students to spend the summer in Paris, all while learning and acquiring academic credits which can be transferred back to their home institutions.

In addition to the coursework, students also participate in weekly free cultural activities and visits which enrich the program.

Where: ECE Paris, located 10 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower

Registration Deadline: April 16, 2018

Students are responsible for their own transportation, housing, food and international insurance. Although ECE has secured both private residences and host families, students have the freedom of choosing their own housing.

About ECE Paris, Graduate School of Engineering:
Founded in 1919, ECE Paris is committed to training students in science and technology focusing on emerging information and communications technology. ECE Paris' mission is to train students in the international development of businesses and all economic players in a globalized world, with respect for ethics, diversity and cultures.

Click here for more information and application instructions for our ECE Paris Study Abroad Program


THE INTERN GROUP SCHOLARSHIP 2018 (Option for Study Abroad Summer 2018 OR Fall 2018)

Eligibility Requirements: NSHSS members 18 or older and a full-time undergraduate at a university or community college

Scholarship Award: A $5,000-6,000 USD scholarship

About The Intern Group:

The Intern Group is the leading provider of international internship programs across the globe. All NSHSS members benefit from a 10% discount year-round on the internship program of their choice. However, The Intern Group is currently offering one exceptional member a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Intern Group is awarding the successful candidate a 6-week scholarship in Summer/Fall 2018.

The outstanding candidate will spend six weeks interning at a leading company in one of the following destinations: London, Madrid, Colombia, Hong Kong, New York or Australia. (Please note that the New York program is only available to non-US citizens).

The application requires a personal statement, transcript, educator or employer recommendation, resume, and photo. The scholarship is an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable international experience. Participants who complete The Intern Group's programs are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd when applying for full time jobs post-graduation.

As well as gaining hands-on experience from the internship, the programs include a professional development workshop, an industry-leading workplace performance assessment and expert training materials on key topics to ensure that participants get the most out of their experience. Additionally, the internship can be used to gain academic credit.

The Intern Group has previously placed successful candidates in internships in world-class organizations such as Grant Thornton, Quintessentially and BanColombia, the largest investment bank in Colombia. As well as propelling professional development, The Intern Group's programs are tailored to promote cultural immersion - you get the opportunity to live like a local.

As a program participant, the scholarship winner will benefit from a full calendar of social and cultural events specific to each destination. Watch a world-famous musical in the West End in London or spend a weekend in Macau, the Vegas of Asia, in Hong Kong. The Intern Group's teams are comprised of locals who know their cities inside-out and want to show program participants everything! They are constantly organizing cultural and social events so that interns can soak up the environment around them, fully immerse themselves and simultaneously meet an international network of friends and potential professional contacts.

Program Start Dates: TBA

Application Requirements:

  • Must be an 18 or older NSHSS member and a full-time undergraduate at a university or community college
  • For the London program, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident who is a full-time undergraduate at a university or community college based in the United States.
  • Must be willing to share experiences abroad with the The Intern Group community and The Intern Group social media platforms via weekly blog posts, pictures, videos, and also provide a testimonial at the end of time abroad.
  • U.S. Citizens are not eligible for the New York program
  • Personal statement of 500 words describing why you selected your destination and what you hope to gain from the internship program.
  • Resume (may be copied and pasted or uploaded)
  • Transcript (may be uploaded, mailed, or emailed)
  • Educator Recommendation (submitted via online form; link provided in application)
  • Color headshot suitable for website posting

What does the study abroad scholarship include?

  • 6 weeks professional internship in the career field of your choice
  • 6 weeks quality accommodation (private bedroom in good area)
  • Airport pick-up (private car to take you to and from the airport and direct to your apartment upon arrival)
  • 24/7 emergency assistance from local staff
  • Professional development tools and training (communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills)
  • Industry-leading workplace performance assessment (created by global HR firm DDI International)
  • Cultural and social events
  • Written pre-trip Welcome Pack
  • Welcome orientation
  • Welcome package including city maps, important program information, and transportation card
  • An active international community of interns with regular events and organized activities
  • Academic credit assistance (where required)

What is not included in the summer study abroad scholarship?

  • Flights
  • Daily living expenses (food/drink)
  • Insurance
  • Visa (except for the Hong Kong destination)

Eligible NSHSS Members may apply on their Member Dashboard.

All NSHSS members receive a 10% discount on a year-round program of their choice. To apply for the 10% discount, please apply through The Intern Group website and indicate that you are an NSHSS member: www.theinterngroup.com.

*If you are chosen as the recipient of the scholarship and you have also applied for the 10% discount directly through The Intern Group, you will be reimbursed.

If you have any program-related inquiries, please email info@theinterngroup.com.

Registration Deadline: Thursday, March 01, 2018


UNITED PLANET MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS 2018 (Option for Study Abroad Summer 2018 & Open to Pre-College/University Students!)

Eligibility Requirements: NSHSS members age 16 and older with parent approval of trip

About United Planet:

NSHSS partner United Planet is an international non-profit organization, headquartered in Boston, devoted to building a global network of leaders and volunteers which fosters cross-cultural understanding and addresses shared global challenges through immersive international service, internships, and cross-cultural collaboration.

Please note there are two different scholarship opportunities: There is one full scholarship for any 1 to 3 week volunteer program in any of United Planet’s Short-Term Quest Destinations, and there are five $500 scholarships for any short-term volunteer program (1 to 12 weeks) or long-term program volunteer program (6-month or one-year). You may apply for one scholarship or both scholarships. However, you can only be awarded one of these scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunity for Full Scholarship: United Planet is offering a scholarship for any 1 to 3 week volunteer program in any of United Planet’s Short-Term Quest Destinations including Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Tanzania, Spain, and Italy. Students must be age 16 or older. *Full tuition scholarship does not cover travel. *Please note that not all 1-3 week programs will be available for volunteers under the age of 18.

Scholarship Opportunity for Discount: Five $500 scholarships offered by United Planet for any short-term volunteer program (1 to 12 weeks) or long-term program volunteer program (6-month or one-year) in any of the program destinations below.

Students must be AGE 16 OR OLDER by the dates of the program and must apply for a program for which they are eligible.

  • Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico
  • Asia: India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam
  • The Pacific: New Zealand
  • Europe: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland,Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom
  • Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda

Scholarship recipients must depart on their program by December 31, 2018.

Application Requirements:

  • Personal statement of 500 words describing how your experience living and serving abroad in a different culture will inspire and enrich your academic and professional pursuits as an NSHSS scholar.
  • Resume (may be copied and pasted or uploaded) • Transcript (may be uploaded, mailed, or emailed) • Educator Recommendation (submitted via online form; link is provided in application)
  • Color headshot suitable for website posting
  • Students must have parent approval before applying for the scholarship and select a program starting between April 15, 2018, and December 31, 2018. All NSHSS members will receive 10% off of United Planet’s Short-Term Quest Volunteer Abroad Programs year-round, and 5% off United Planet’s Long-Term Quest Volunteer Abroad Programs year-round. *Note that discounts cannot be combined with this scholarship.

Please visit http://www.unitedplanet.org/volunteer-abroad for more information on United Planet's Volunteer Abroad Programs. Eligible NSHSS members are invited to apply via email. Eligible members can apply in the member dashboard. You may view the application before submitting your application, but once you submit your application, it is closed for editing.

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 19, 2018



Eligibility Requirements: NSHSS members

Scholarship Award: Tía Tula is offering one tuition-based scholarship, which consists of an Intensive Spanish Language Program during four weeks in July 2018

About Tía Tula Spanish School:
Tía Tula is the perfect place to learn Spanish. Tía Tula Spanish School is a teaching center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and specialized in organizing Spanish immersion programs abroad throughout the year.

Thanks to our collaboration with different universities, students can gain European university credits with our Spanish courses (minimum 50 class hours). These credits can be transferred to your college or university.

Tia Tula is offering one tuition-based scholarship to the Intensive Spanish Language Course during four weeks in July 2018. The school will sponsor the tuition of four hours daily of Spanish lessons and the arrangement of housing with a host family, which includes full board and single room, for the duration of the four-week program. See the General Conditions about the drawing and the scholarship below the application for the scholarship.

All NSHSS members are welcome to Tía Tula, no matter your level of Spanish. To view the full range of courses visit: http://www.tiatula.com/courses/spanish.php

Where: Downtown Salamanca, Spain

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 19, 2018

Application: http://www.tiatula.com/scholarship-for-NSHSS-members/

For more information, please e-mail: info@tiatula.com


Take Advantage of Summer Study Abroad Scholarships in 2018

Take advantage of these wonderful study abroad scholarship opportunities to expand your horizons this summer 2018. Please continue to visit our website for more information on scholarship opportunities and programs we offer to support your academic career and continued growth.