How to Share Your Passion on YouTube in 3 Easy Steps

Friday, April 16, 2021
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Learn how to make YouTube videos to build your resume for college and careers…

If you want to start making YouTube videos, building your resume, and have fun doing it, you came to the right place. In this article, I’m going to show you how to get started with making videos so you can share your skills with a worldwide audience.

My name is Maximus, and ever since 7th grade, I have been making YouTube videos about engineering-related topics on my channel “Mechanical Max”. I love creating and innovating new projects, usually with my 3D printer and Arduino boards. I started my channel because I wanted to share what I enjoy with more people and help them with their projects along the way. I believe everyone has something they are passionate about, and what better way to build that hobby than to start a YouTube channel! It can also help you demonstrate your passion to a scholarship committee, college admissions reps, and even future employers in a unique way. 


Step One: Discover what videos you want to make

The first step when creating a YouTube channel is picking a topic or theme for your videos.

You should start by looking at what hobbies you have. In my case, I like robotics and DIY projects, so I chose to make videos about engineering. Try writing out what you do for fun, and think about how you could make videos about that topic.

One of my favorite ways to do this is writing ideas down on sticky notes and putting them on the wall. Just write down a sentence or two and group ideas together.

Just remember that you are in control of the videos you make. If you find yourself making videos you don’t enjoy, change the subject. When I first started, I focused on making tutorial videos. It took me a month or two to realize I was having more fun making videos about projects, so I switched to that type of video.

Once you have a good idea of what videos you want to make, it’s time to start making graphics for your channel!


Step Two: Create channel logos and banner art

A channel logo is the square icon you see for youtube channels. This image represents you and what videos you make. Your logo can be as simple as a picture of yourself to a graphic you make online.

In my case, I used to make my logo for my channel. You can find what it looks like here on my channel.

Another important graphic is your banner art. This image appears on the home page of your channel. You can update this as much as you like to match the type of videos you make.

Once you create your pictures, it’s time to start on your first video!


Step Three: Make your first video!

Once you think of a good topic for your first video, go for it! The most important part is to keep making videos and have fun doing it. You should make this channel because you like the videos you make.

I suggest using your phone’s camera and recording yourself from a few different angles. Then, edit the video with an editing app and put some free music over it. Finally, upload the video to YouTube and fill in information about the video.

It will ask you for a “Thumbnail” picture (the cover for your video). You can pick one of the auto-generated pictures or make your own

Finally, publish your video and share it with friends and family! Find supportive people that will help you stay motivated, and congratulations! You are now an official YouTuber!


Final thoughts

Although it will take a while to gain subscribers, just remember, you are making videos to share your passion and to have fun. If you stay consistent with your upload schedule, viewers (and subscribers) will come and can be leveraged through your college and career journey as a window into who you are, your skills, your passion, and what is truly important to you. 

If you have any questions or want to learn more about starting on YouTube, contact me here. 

If this blog helped you, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel here.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your YouTube career!


About Maximus: 

Maximus is a passionate student and NSHSS Ambassador from Carmel, Indiana. He started his own YouTube channel in 7th grade, and since then has posted more than 60 videos on engineering topics. Today, his projects focus on 3D printing and programming Arduino microcontrollers. To learn more, visit or


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