Study Abroad and Summer Programs for HS Students in Italy

Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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Many students look forward to studying abroad in college programs, and rightfully so, as they are unique experiences. But did you know there were summer abroad programs for high school students?

One program that NSHSS recommends is through Bocconi University, located in the heart of Milan, Italy. This two-week program introduces students to Bocconi, recognized internationally for its academics and research in economics, management, finance, political science, and data science. This unique opportunity allows motivated students to engage in experiential learning while visiting the beautiful country of Italy. 

The program is open to sophomores and juniors, with the next session in the summer of 2024. 

Program Highlights

The two-week program at Bocconi University comprises two labs taught entirely in English. Students can take these courses either in person or online and choose from a broad catalog of courses based on their interests. 

Some of the learning opportunities possible with this program include:

  • Explore luxury & fashion management through the lens of Italian designers and iconic brands.

  • Simulate a trade negotiation within an international organization in an international politics class.

  • Discover the tools of innovation in an artificial intelligence and machine learning lab.

  • Learn economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development within the EU in an interdisciplinary course that combines history, law, politics, and economics.

  • Plus, finance, game theory, strategy, economics, and more classes!

These courses are taught by Bocconi University's top faculty for the whole experience of attending the school. Each class is highly interactive, using case studies and group projects to facilitate learning between you and students worldwide. You will also see guest speakers from Italian businesses and politics or visit local Italian companies onsite. 

Of course, you can access various cultural experiences, tours, and time to enjoy Italian cuisine between classes. 

What Participants Say

These are just some of the things former participants had to say about the Bocconi University program:

“I found our professor very engaging and passionate about her course topic. I enjoyed the explanations and lectures given throughout, and most of all, I found the guest speakers chosen to be very insightful! I loved how we got to see a blend of different points of view from the speakers and our teamwork projects.”

“We visited Unicredit and Speed Mi Up; other labs also visited companies like Microsoft and Google. That was helpful because we had the opportunity to talk with the CEOs and understand how a business is created and how what we studied in class is implemented in real business life. I loved the professors’ way of teaching: they explained complicated issues easily and entertainingly, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot.”

“I think the Bocconi summer school managed the online situation very well, and I had a lot of fun participating. The class topic was also perfectly fitted for met, and met all my high expectations, especially the teamwork!”

Next Steps for Students

To learn more about the Bocconi University program, visit their website or contact

 Bocconi is also a partner of NSHSS, and you can read more about our connection here.

Studying abroad in high school can be a transformative experience, not to mention one that helps your application stand out during college admissions.