Studying Abroad: Here’s Why France Is the Obvious Choice

Tuesday, May 07, 2019
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Studying abroad: here’s why France is an obvious choice

Who can seriously admit they haven’t daydreamed about sipping a chocolat chaud in a cozy café among budding cherry blossoms, walking lazily through medieval winery villages, or relaxing on the shores of the French Riviera? Well, despite the fact that France’s joie de vivre is something you should try at least once in your life, you may still have some reservations about actually living and studying in France, not just vacationing. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes studying in France a life-shaping experience!

Quick facts about higher education in France

France is the leading non-English speaking country for hosting international students. UNESCO expects more than 9 million students to be internationally mobile in 2025, and France is far from being outdone. In 2018, the country welcomed 343,400 foreign students, which is a 4.5% rise compared to 2017. Here are some quick facts about higher education in France:

  • More than 1,200 study programs are taught in English
  • France’s system of higher education comprises 3,500 public and private institutions
  • France is regularly ranked in the top 5 destinations for international students
  • Foreign students enjoy the same benefits as French students, with monthly housing allowance from the State, many discounts on transportation, sports, and cultural venues, etc.
  • Very competitive tuition fees: studying in France is cheaper than you think
  • A great lifestyle experience in one of the best multi-cultural environments

An ability to speak French and English is a tremendous advantage on the international job market. A knowledge of French opens doors to French companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the world such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Quebec, and numerous African countries.

Paris will reveal your talent and help you thrive!

The City of Lights is the 2nd most popular destination for students in the world. If you’ve been secretly dreaming of strolling down its romantic, colored, and café-lined streets, then you should definitely go for it. Paris can literally offer you the world. It shows how France is the land of colors, fragrance, aroma, perfumes, fashion, champagne, classy food, and love. Besides the typical tourist activities that every foreign student is familiar with like visiting the Louvre or climbing the Eiffel Tower, there’s always some festival or exhibit going on.

As an international student in Paris, you’ll meet people at the forefront of their fields, from successful entrepreneurs and renowned scientists to flamboyant fashion designers and inspiring artists. Every kind of person can radiate talent and thrive in Paris. Another super-advantage of studying abroad in Paris is that you can get your dual degree (French and American) from the American Business School of Paris!

Lyon: France’s most business-friendly city

Just like most major cities around the world, Paris became synonymous with France itself. Even though the City of Lights has a lot to offer, it is far from being the only education-oriented area. Consider Lyon for a pleasant and stimulating environment with a more authentic French flare and a great springboard for outside-the-classroom fun! Every year, nearly 15,000 students come to study in Lyon as local colleges and business schools boast more than 700 exchange programs with foreign universities. Ranked the number one city for students to live in, Lyon offers an endless range of higher education opportunities in internationally renowned institutions. Some even offer world-class accredited programs that provide dual-degrees (both French and American) like the International School of Business and Management (CEFAM Lyon).

While Paris takes the lead on the glamorous side, Lyon offers a cheaper cost of living. Renting an apartment, for example, is easier on the student budget in Lyon. Furthermore, Lyon is located in south-central France, which allows for easy transit to Italy, Switzerland, and Marseille. Just like Paris, Lyon has hundreds of free activities and numerous museums, national monuments, and public parks. And don't forget that Lyon is France’s most business-friendly city!