Tips For Finding College Roommates

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Many people find their next best friend in their new college roommate. One might find the opposite experience to be true. A college roommate can function as a great friend or be your worst nightmare. But, how do you find roommates for college? There are many different options. These tips will help you to find a great college roommate.

Make a List of Qualities

First, you need to identify what type of roommate you want. You may want someone who can become a friend or you may prefer to keep things business-like. Make a list of qualities for potential college roommates you would like to have. 

To start, think of questions like: 

Do I want my college roommate to be lively or quiet? 

Do I prefer an active college roommate or a homebody? 

Is having a clean space important to me?
Does my college roommate have a significant other? 

Each of these considerations is important for your ideal living situation. Finding college roommates can be difficult. But, identifying the type of person you are looking for is a great way to start. 

Consider Friends and Family

Finding roommates can be as simple as asking family and friends. You may already know some people who would make a great college roommate. You should also pay attention to your graduate program to see if someone you may not have realized is also attending your future school. High school classmates can be a solid choice for your college roommate. 

You can also consider reaching out to family or friends and asking who they know. A friend of the family or friends of friends can be a great avenue in finding roommates. 

Clubs & Organizations 

Consider finding a college roommate through a club or organization. One great organization is the National Society of High School Scholars. As a member of this organization, you can attend events such as college fairs and personal development events. These events are an excellent way to build connections and meet other high school students with similar interests. College roommates with an eye on the future and who meet the requirements of the NSHSS membership may be a great fit for you. NSHSS also offers scholarships that can help you to pay for your college experience. 

Use Social Media

Social media can be used as another opportunity to find a roommate in college. Many students will be in the same boat as you. Whether you are moving to a new area or don’t know anyone attending your school, you aren’t alone. Social media platforms such as Facebook often have specific groups for new students. 

College freshmen may join the group and ask for help with finding roommates. This is a great option as you can look over the profiles of the people who respond. You can tell a lot about a person from their social media profiles. The posts, pictures, and other information they provide will be an effective tool in finding roommates that seem like a good fit. 

Campus Resources

Many campuses also offer services for finding roommates. Check out your university or college campus website. They may have a platform or suggestions for finding roommates. Some dorms require you to fill out a college roommate request sheet. They take a form from every student and compile them into a matchmaking system. Finding a college roommate through your school is an easy way to solve your roommate dilemma. 

How to find roommates for college can seem like a daunting search. It can be intimidating to know you will be living with a college roommate that you may not know. Each person has their own habits and routines. But, finding roommates doesn’t have to be all bad. Making a list of qualities and finding connections can be helpful. Many membership services such as  NSHSS exist to help you find the college roommates you are hoping for. A membership with NSHSS is an effective way to get scholarships, build connections, and make your college experience one for the books.