Top 10 Educational Blogs for Teens

Sunday, February 25, 2024
Computergirls 2023

Today’s teenagers are more internet-savvy than any previous generation. From homework to social lives, technology is where much of a teenager’s life happens today, and the internet is a valuable resource for teenagers seeking to expand their knowledge, explore new interests, and enhance their academic skills outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Blogs are one of these resources that can be extremely helpful for all students and teenagers. Whether it’s about balancing daily tasks and time management or in-depth information about particular interests, blogs offer a form of education that can carry teenagers through their adult lives. In fact, you’re reading a blog right now that offers irreplaceable advice!

These blogs are often created by passionate educators, professionals, or enthusiasts dedicated to sharing valuable insights, advice, and engaging content tailored to the needs and interests of young learners.

In this post, we will explore the top 10 educational blogs for teenagers, each offering a unique perspective on various subjects and providing valuable resources for personal and academic growth.

1. Khan Academy Blog

Khan Academy is a well-regarded organization that focuses on creating online tools that educate students. While Khan Academy is known for its short video lessons and practice exercises, it also offers a blog that can be useful to students and educators alike.

Curated by the founder, Sal Khan, this blog covers tips for effective learning, insights into the world of online education, and updates on the organization’s offerings and vision. Students can find posts that help them with specific issues they may be facing or even enjoy a behind-the-scenes view of how educators think about the future.

2. TED-Ed Blog

You’ve probably heard of TED Talks before – these videos have swept the internet, giving experts a platform to talk about anything under the sun, from self-confidence to the unique habits of animals. But what fewer people know is that the TED Talk team has a blog specific to educational topics called the TED-Ed Blog.

This blog features a range of guest writers who share animated lessons, inspirational messages, and content about education’s place in the world today. Rather than simply provide information, this blog aims to stimulate the mind and promote critical thinking about a range of topics. By curating engaging talks and lessons, students can explore nearly any topic that interests them.

3. Edutopia

Edutopia is a blog focusing on innovation and evidence-based practices in education from a surprising source: Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas! His foundation has shown a commitment to promoting education, from project-based learning to social-emotional growth and technological integration, and the blog is a great cross-section of these goals.

A reluctant student may be more interested in a blog like this, that showcases educational approaches based on creativity, with a splash of star power. While many of the posts are aimed at educators, they are packed with information for students to use in their own lives.

4. TeenLife Blog

When a teenager has a question, they usually go to one place first: the internet. The TeenLife blog offers a great place to answer questions students may have about the next stages of their life, from summer programs and extracurriculars to college preparation. Parents may also like to read through these posts as a way to help guide their teenagers through their academic and professional journeys.

5. Coursera Blog

Coursera is a leading online platform that opens up courses from top universities and institutions to the public. A high school student with interest in a particular skill or subject may even visit Coursera to sign up for a course. But before doing that, they can also visit Coursera’s blog, which Is full of information on new courses, tips for online learning, and inspirational success stories from the platform.

Reading Best Teen Blogs

6. Science News for Students

Created by the Society for Science, this blog is dedicated to fostering a love for science in teenagers by presenting complex topics in a clear and understandable manner. It covers a wide range of scientific subjects, from biology and chemistry to astronomy and environmental science.

What sets Science News for Students apart is its commitment to delivering well-written, easy-to-understand content that not only informs but also inspires. It provides young learners with the opportunity to stay updated on the latest discoveries, breakthroughs, and scientific advancements, encouraging their curiosity and critical thinking.

7. Teen Vogue’s Education Section

We may know Teen Vogue as the youth version of the iconic fashion magazine, but it is so much more. The Teen Vogue Education Section is an intriguing blend of educational content and popular culture authored by various contributors. This blog, featured within the Teen Vogue platform, covers a wide range of topics that are relevant and engaging for teenagers. From politics and social issues to personal development and lifestyle, Teen Vogue's Education Section provides a fresh and youthful take on educational content.

This blog encourages young readers to explore and understand complex issues while staying connected to the trends and interests of their generation.

8. iD Tech Blog

iD Tech specializes in providing technology education for teenagers, offering a range of camps and courses in coding, game design, robotics, and more. The iD Tech Blog, authored by the iD Tech Team, is a valuable resource for teenagers interested in the tech world. This blog is well known for its dedication to offering insights, resources, and success stories related to technology and digital creativity.

Students can find posts on topics such as coding languages, emerging technologies, and career opportunities in tech. Whether a teenager is looking to develop coding skills or gain a deeper understanding of the tech industry, this blog offers valuable information and guidance.

9. TeenSpeak

Authored by a team of dedicated educators and experts, this blog takes a creative and innovative approach to address various topics relevant to teenagers, in their language and on their level. The blog covers a wide range of subjects, including academic tips, personal development, mental health, and current events.

In addition to its informative content, TeenSpeak also fosters a sense of community among its readers. It encourages teenagers to share their thoughts, questions, and experiences, creating a space where they can connect with peers and seek guidance from mentors.

10. NSHSS Blog

You may have already known about this one since you’re here, but the NSHSS blog is one of the best resources for teens interested in furthering their education! Whether you need information on scholarships, tips for what classes to take and avoid, or thoughts on what college majors might be best for you, we’re here to help. Take some time to scroll through our blogs and we guarantee you’ll feel more prepared for what comes next!