Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Winter Internship

Tuesday, July 06, 2021
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High school internships are a great way to boost your college application and resume.

For instance, our NSHSS Partners can help you explore different careers and gain valuable experience at the premier brands worldwide. Best of all, you don't need to restrict yourself to the typical full-time summer internship for two months when you can productively add a shorter, more concentrated winter internship (for 2-4 weeks).

By adding a winter internship to your plans, we are confident that you will truly stand out as a top talent to our partners. Please read this post for the top 5 reasons you will benefit from taking advantage of both internship seasons.


1. A winter internship with NSHSS Partners makes the most of your time.

While most high school students choose to spend their winter holidays binging on streaming services and spending time with family and friends; a standout student makes the most of that free time with a winter internship that keeps them productive during their quick break.

While the average winter break is two weeks, you can still do a lot with it, such as exploring top-of-the-line internship opportunities offered by our partners, including The Intern Group

Wouldn't you rather spend your time keeping your brain challenged (and possibly receiving academic credit) for activities you're genuinely interested in like:

  • Earning academic credit by doing your internship at a recognized university or another academic sponsor
  • Keeping a journal or writing an essay to chronicle your winter internship experience
  • Giving a presentation that showcases new skills and information you've mastered during your winter internship with our partners

A winter internship with one of our partners is time better spent for enterprising high school students.


2. You'll quickly expand your network with new employers, mentors, and colleagues.

Networking with peers and mentors in your field before you even start college provides you with indispensable insight into succeeding from the ground up. A winter internship can build valuable new connections when done with various NSHSS partners. It can also reinforce your existing contacts should you return to the company or organization where you did your summer internship. Adding a winter internship on top of a summer internship to your plans is an untapped opportunity to expand your network two-fold and make deeper connections and professional relationships. Impressing our leading partners, not once but twice, is the best way to open doors to potential employers or at least merit a winning recommendation.


3. A winter internship allows you an additional test drive of a field or career before graduating high school. 

Whether you return to the same employer as your summer internship or try one of our NSHSS partners in an entirely different field, a winter internship will broaden your horizons.

No matter your choice, having on-the-job training only strengthens your resume with additional experience that even future employers beyond college will appreciate. Taking multiple internships will show your initiative to test drive different jobs or passion for a particular field. Both are impressive qualities that our partners seek out in tomorrow's top talents in various industries.


4. Volunteering during your winter break has many benefits as well. 

Another way to make better use of your winter break while gaining all the other benefits of a winter internship we've already mentioned is volunteering at a charity or nonprofit organization.

NSHSS partners provide ongoing support in leadership development and volunteerism. Since nonprofits may not have the resources to hire full-time workers to fill everything, including:

  • Office administration
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Online activist
  • Social Media coordinator
  • Events coordinator

They rely on volunteers for everything. That means you will most likely find a worthwhile, short-term project that complements your professional goals. In addition, you are helping make a difference in your community or globally, which our partners wholeheartedly agree is a rewarding experience in itself.


5. More and more colleges and employers are increasingly interested in students who've done multiple internships.

Finally, both colleges and employers, including our NSHSS Partners, are investing in expanding their traditional summer internship programs with an additional winter internship schedule. As a result, colleges and future employers will look favorably on you taking multiple internships. Not only can you make an unforgettable impression, but you will create more opportunities for yourself in the long run. At the National Society of High School Scholars, along with our partners, it's something we commit to for the long term.


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