Top College and Universities to Visit in South Carolina

Monday, October 04, 2021
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The state of South Carolina is home to over 60 different colleges and Universities. The largest institution is the University of Carolina which is located in the state capital, Columbia.

The state has some of the most successful companies with outstanding innovations in Agriculture, Aerospace, Automotive, Child care, Technology, and Manufacturing. South Carolina boasts of incredible history, rich culture, aesthetics, and pleasant weather, making it a good place for education and living. 

If you are considering schooling in South Carolina, here is a list of three best colleges and Universities you should check out; 


Clemson University 

Clemson University is one of the leading universities located in South Carolina. The institution was founded in 1889 as a research grant-based school and is ranked #75 in National Universities and #2 out of the universities in the state for quality and value. 

A campus tour of Clemson University reveals that the institution is the complete package. Being a research school, it provides a balanced atmosphere that promotes academic excellence. A positive sense of unity and community spirit among students fosters peace and oneness on campus. Clemson University. After graduation, students are connected to job opportunities and mentorship programs that make and put them into positions where they can be beneficial in making the state, nation, and world a better place. 


Clemson University Tillman Hall


University of South Carolina 

The University of South Carolina is known as the top University for best public Southern region colleges and was founded in 1805. It also ranks as #1 in Best International Business Colleges and #1 among the Top Schools for a Graduate Degree in Public Health. The institution has many top-tier academic and research programs with popular majors in Finance, Public Health, Research, Experimental Psychology, and Marketing. 

The University of South Carolina boasts many campus traditions that bring students together and keep the school spirit alive.  The University of South Carolina Alumni Association also works hand in hand with the university to connect students to job opportunities to advance their careers after school. 


Furman University 

Furman University was founded in 1826 in Greensville as a private non-profit liberal arts institution. Furman believes in a holistic and selective educational approach with an acceptance rate of 65%. The institution is well for its aesthetically pleasing campus location and is ranked #4 among the 30 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the South. 

Attending Furman means you are ready to maintain a busy and productive schedule. The campus life has programs that are created to enhance students' academic and social life. Students are mandated to attend at least four Cultural Life Programs per semester. With the assistance of professors who are on hand to ensure that every student succeeds in their respective fields, Furman is on the list of institutions in South California that you should consider in your college application. 



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