What an NSHSS Education Grant Can Do For Teachers

Thursday, May 11, 2023
Educator Grants

Educator grants from the National Society of High School Scholars offer many benefits for teachers, their students, and their communities. These grants are especially needed in rural and densely urban school districts that struggle to provide supplies and professional development for teachers.

What an NSHSS educator grant can do for you depends on the program for which you will be applying. Here are the top NSHSS educator grants and how they support high school teachers.

Types of NSHSS Education Grants

There are 13 different NSHSS education grants available for teachers on a limited basis, with an application period of May 1 to August 15. Here are a few of our most important education grants for teachers.

  1. NSHSS STEAM Educator Grant: The STEAM Educator Grant is open to teachers leading classes in STEAM subjects of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. 
  2. NSHSS Advanced Placement Educator Grant: Similar to the STEAM grant, the NSHSS AP Educator Grant provides funds to enhance AP courses and make them more accessible for students.
  3. NSHSS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Teaching Grant: The NSHSS Diversity and Inclusion Teaching Grant supports teachers in diverse or rural areas seeking to further equality in their school and community. The funds can be used for enhancements to inclusion awareness instruction.
  4. NSHSS Higher Education Grant: The NSHSS Higher Education Grant assists teachers in paying tuition to further their education for the benefit of their students. NSHSS is committed to supporting teachers with continuing education.
  5. NSHSS International Baccalaureate Educator Grant: Many teachers are turning to prestigious international universities to further their education. The NSHSS IB Educator Grant provides funds for materials and field trips that enhance this remote instruction.
  6. NSHSS Experiential Learning Grant: Studies ranging from 1978 to 2009 show that at least 30 to 45 percent of students are kinesthetic learners. The 2009 study proved a higher percentage of ESL students learn best hands-on. The NSHSS Experiential Learning Grant provides a means to purchase supplies for tactile learning. 
  7. NSHSS Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom Grant: Mental health is one of the most trying challenges youth face today. The stigma of mental illness can only be remedied through education. The NSHSS Emotional Learning grant allows teachers to purchase supplies and materials for mental health awareness as part of classroom instruction.


The deadlines and instructions for applying for NSHSS Education Grants are easily found on our website. The competition for NSHSS Education Grants is steep, with applicants from innovative educators across the country. Many of these educators are applying technology, new teaching methods, and environmentalism into their classrooms to support students in creating a better world.

How NSHSS Education Grants Can Be Used

As a general rule, NSHSS educator grants can be used to purchase supplies, teaching materials, reference books, and textbooks to enhance the instruction of students in a particular course or subject. Funds from NSHSS educator grants can also be used for professional development or to fund field trips. This allows all students can be included in important educational activities regardless of their ability to pay. 

NSHSS education grant funds must be used to enhance instruction only as specified in the personal statement which accompanies the grant application. This must also coincide with the topic of the grant. For example, the NSHSS Inclusion Education Grant must be spent on supplies and materials for inclusion and diversity activities. Meanwhile, the NSHSS AP Educator Grant must be used to enhance the AP course specified on the application.

NSHSS Education Grants Fund Teachers

It is a sad fact that many schools cannot provide all of the supplies and materials that a teacher needs for effective instruction, nor can all teachers afford these expenses out of pocket. NSHSS Educator Grants give teachers the means to improve instruction without dipping into personal funds. However, the biggest benefit to teachers is the development of both their students and their teaching methods to make them more effective in the future.