What Can You Gain From Attending A Trade School

Friday, November 17, 2023
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Trade school can be a very attractive option for higher education, especially for those that don’t perform well in a traditional academic setting. Neurobiologists, psychologists, and top educators agree that there are 4 primary learning styles.

For this and many other reasons, trade school can be a very attractive option for continuing education. Here are some of the benefits of attending trade school depending on your circumstances.

1. Meet fewer admission requirements.

The measure of a student for admission to a trade school is more about capabilities than academics. Your high school GPA carries less weight in trade school admissions. You should expect to perform certain competency examinations, including hands-on tests to ensure you are physically capable of learning the trade. 

2. Increase the likelihood of program completion.

One reason some students are more likely to complete trade school vs a 4-year degree is the elimination of unrelated core subjects. 

For example, an electrical trade student wouldn’t need to complete a general history course. Most 4-year colleges require specific courses for all students regardless of major, much of which are unnecessary to tradesmen. 

3. Shorten time to enter the full-time job market.

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Those needing to fast-track their career and full-time earnings are attracted to trade schools because it takes less time to complete the program. Trade schools offer programs that can be completed in 2 years or less. The longer the program the more income you can demand once it is complete.

Trade schools are interested in putting you to work as quickly as possible. They offer career readiness programs and partner with area firms hiring in your field. This ensures you’ll command a fair income within weeks of completing your program.

4. Decrease the cost of higher education.

The most obvious way you benefit from trade school vs a 4-year college is the cost. According to data from the Department of Education and the Education Data Initiative, the tuition and fees for a 2-year trade school are more than 2X less than a 4-year degree. The average tuition and fees for a 2-year program at a private trade school is $30,580. By contrast, the average cost of a 4-year college degree at a private university is $33,528 per year with an average of $102,828 for a 4-year degree.

5. Take advantage of trade-specific scholarships and grants.

Both private and nonprofit trade organizations offer scholarships and financial-need grants to support students studying a specific trade. There is a significant shortage of trades relating to construction and infrastructure, and as such there are many more scholarship opportunities from related trade associations. Remember how scholarships work with trade schools can differ from those for college studies. 

Other organizations and nonprofits have also identified the need for an increase in tradesmen and also offer scholarships specifically for trade schools. The NSHSS Community College or Trade School Scholarship is one such program. Companies with a chain of locations may also offer their own tuition offers in which the cost of trade school is reduced in exchange for a specific term of employment upon completion.