What it Means to have Won NSHSS Scholarships

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It is a privilege to express how meaningful it was to have received both the NSHSS Robert P. Sheppard Leadership Award and the Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship.

Every time an organization recognizes a student who is engaged in socially responsible work for self-fulfillment, or is dedicated to academic achievement simply for the love of learning, it’s an unexpected and extraordinarily validating surprise. Having always been internally driven, I seek academic challenges because I am, by nature, curious.  Being brought up with the understanding that each of us can heal a small portion of the world with our talents, I have also looked for creative ways, through social enterprise, to make an impact or leave a footprint. However, to be recognized and supported by NSHSS for that very personal work and effort has been unexpectedly gratifying and of great financial help in my freshman year at PrincetonUniversity.

It’s additionally beneficial for students that, through NSHSS events, monthly publications, and scholarships, members continue connecting and receiving benefit beyond their high school years. Through my position on the Student Council, it has been my pleasure to share with our membership some of the career-changing and intellectually broadening experiences I’ve had as a student at Princeton University. Hopefully, those blogs will inform and encourage other members to apply and reach for similar educational dreams. I will continue to extend myself to the organization’s membership because student collaboration and intellectual adventures are what build a powerful culture of success for young people. I look forward to watching as NSHSS grows and continues to take its students one step up as they move through high school towards their authentic academic and career explorations. For more updates on NSHSS, follow them on Twitter or Facebook