Why Did I Get a Letter from NSHSS?

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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If you’ve received a letter from the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), congratulations are in order! Your academic performance has met one of our criteria for membership, or a teacher or counselor from your school believes you are qualified to join the NSHSS. 

This group is an elite organization of high-achieving students, and you should be very proud that you were nominated to join NSHSS. Now that you’ve been nominated, you and your parents/guardians probably want to know what membership means and the next steps you should take.

Why Was I Invited to Join NSHSS?

You received your invitation because an educator at your school believes you would be an asset to the National Society of High School Scholars, or because you have met one of our other membership requirements. You can find these criteria on the FAQ page.

That’s not all. Educators nominate students who have great potential. This is much more than just a nice honor. Students who join are lifetime members, and they receive some significant benefits.

If you choose to join, you will receive:

  • Opportunities to apply for more than $2.5 million in scholarships awarded annually
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Connections with other scholars from around the world
  • Help with career and academic planning
  • Community engagement and volunteer events

Your invitation to join is a reflection of your hard work and potential. You deserve the benefits of membership in this elite organization.

How Do I Pursue NSHSS Membership?

Your invitation to join includes a confirmation code. If you decide to become a member, simply enter that code and your last name on the NSHSS website. Once you do that, the process is quite simple. You will be asked to pay a one-time, lifetime, membership fee of $90. This helps to cover organizational costs.

You also get some great perks when you pay the one-time fee. These include:

  • Access to premium web content and publications
  • Service and leadership opportunities
  • Opportunities to apply to unique scholarships and participate in academic competitions
  • Regular updates via emails and newsletters
  • Exclusive offers and opportunities through NSHSS partners
  • A personalized certificate of membership
  • Networking opportunities for a lifetime
  • A personalized press release to send to your local media outlets
  • Unique outreach and free webinars from universities around the world

Colleges, universities, and partners recognize students who join this organization as academically talented, highly motivated, and community service-oriented. 

You can get so much out of your membership in the National Society of High School Students, but you are in control of your experience. Once you join, step up and get involved! 

The most successful students take full advantage of their membership perks. They apply for scholarships, work as leaders in the organization, and attend exclusive events. Later, they give back as alumni by joining the Fellows program.

Helping Students Reach Their Goals

Do you dream of becoming the first person in your family to go to college? Are you interested in attending a university in another country? You have to work hard to achieve those things, and your academic record already shows that you are well on your way! The fact that you received an invitation letter is proof of that.

By accepting the invitation and joining NSHSS, you will receive an additional competitive edge and a lot of support to help you in the future.

Are You Ready for More Information?

Hopefully, you’re ready to learn more about this opportunity. If so, consider checking out more information on this great organization. Here’s some helpful content on membership, testimonials from members, and what it takes to join. 

We’re always available to answer your questions or help you find any additional information before you join.