Why Joining NSHSS is Worth It

Friday, January 09, 2015

Why Joining NSHSS is Worth It


Why is NSHSS worth it? The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) shares the desires of teachers and parents to help students succeed. NSHSS’ purpose is to provide students with a lifetime network of rich and distinctive experiences that will advance their academic goals, encourage their personal aspirations, and connect them with resources, peers and mentor networks that will enhance their progress from high school to college and from college to post-graduate study and professional careers.  Joining NSHSS is worth it because it provides students with programs and events that prepare and equip students with the essential skills, recognition and support needed to be successful.


Skills Development

NSHSS finds it imperative to equip students with tools to support leadership and personal growth, including key life skills such as critical thinking and problem solving through various programs offered by NSHSS. The Society also offers both a peer and professional network through member events that connect scholars with diverse high-achievers motivated for college success, exposure to careers in government, foreign service, business, technology and medicine.   NSHSS also places emphasis on developing students’ compassion and empathy for the community through volunteer work and community projects, such as the National Day of Service through its partnership with AFS-USA.


Programs such as the NSHSS Ambassador Program, the State Director Program and the Student Council offer exceptional NSHSS members opportunities to sharpen their skills and inspire their peers to make a difference in their community and provide tips about making the most out of the high school and college experience.  The NSHSS Fellows Program was created to connect alumni members who have graduated college with significant resources and opportunities to further their academic and career goals. 

Events and Student Recognition

Member events take place to celebrate the achievement of members on university and corporate campuses. These events and activities help students connect with fellow peers and scholars. Events that take place include the Society’s largest annual event, Scholar’s Day, in which over 1,400 scholars, parents and educators gather for member recognition by Mr. Nobel, attend workshops hosted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and a college fair featuring high ranking university admissions representatives.

Study Abroad

Members have the opportunity to travel to various cities, states and countries due to events and programs hosted by the Society. One in particular is the CCP College Prep Programme in London and Paris, which allows members an opportunity to spend three weeks in London and Paris during the summer to experience college life at two universities.

College Preparation

NSHSS continues to develop partnerships and programs with leading higher education organizations.  At NSHSS member events, scholars and their parents meet college admissions officers to gain guidance on preparing for SAT and ACT testing, college visits, writing college application essays, financial aid packages, and other experiences related to the college admission process. Resources are also available through organizations such as Chegg, My College Guide, The Princeton Review, and Zinch. 

Career Preparation

The National Society of High School Scholars not only commits to preparing scholars for college, but to also prepare them for future career opportunities. NSHSS has partnered with organizations such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, the CIA, the U.S. Department of State, and the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine to provide internship and employment opportunities.


With money needed for exams, books, admissions and more, NSHSS has committed to support students in offering a variety of resources that help with making a successful transition from high school to college, and from college to career. NSHSS has partnered with The Princeton Review, Chegg, Zinch and others to offer students exclusive rates and discounts on textbook materials and test preparation.


NSHSS recognizes that there are students who are also in need of scholarship opportunities to help with the cost of higher education. The Society provides students with more than $1 million in scholarships annually to support college tuition, study abroad programs, programs and conferences. NSHSS is also associated with the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA), a nonprofit, membership association that advances the collective impact of scholarship providers and the scholarships they award.

NSHSS is worth it because it is committed to providing students with meaningful and useful resources and experiences that support academic success, personal aspirations and connections to peers and mentor networks.