Writing in Confinement: Getting Out of Productivity Slumps (Humble Advice from a Self-Help Nerd)

Monday, April 13, 2020
Kelly Sikkema Xcvxs6wdcay Unsplash

So, you’re officially “stuck” at home (hopefully by choice because you’re a good samaritan) living the self-proclaimed writers’ lifestyle during the COVID-19 outbreak. Staying safe, keeping busy so the impending news coverage doesn’t sweep you away. Good. I’m proud of you, but you, like many writers or creators, do not understand this lifestyle entirely if you’re here and that’s ok. Let me, a self-proclaimed poet, show you the ways of my people. And also provide some great tips for getting started with college essay writing! This article applies to all those who also deem themselves of the self-proclaimed writing procrastinator title and have general procrastination tendencies.



Not everyone holes up to write on the weekends; most poets I know perform more than they write, as I did before I got deeper into the craft. Wherever you’re at, that is ok, you are now given this new opportunity to design your life to the best of your ability living at home either with family/roommates or simply alone. (but you do not have to be lonely, nor bored my friend)

                                                                                                Side note:

Do not add “self-proclaimed” three times in one introduction it will make your writing insufferable.