Gen Z Survey Exposes New Insights

Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2022


11,495 College and High School Survey Respondents from All 50 States Reveal:   

  • Gen Zs are adventurers, but not crazy about the world we live in. 55% are interested in living and working on Mars or the Moon
  • 70% want to travel internationally despite tensions (87% of responses came after the Russian invasion of Ukraine)
  • Gen Zs want to work at Spotify (moves from #42 on the desired employer list - to #3)
  • Fair treatment of all employees ranks #1 of all workplace preferences
  • 44% of college grads expect employers to help pay their college loans
  • 63% say they expect employers to offer in-person training

The new 2022 Career Interest Survey of 11,495 Gen Z students (born after 1997), conducted by the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), gives insights into what motivates an adventurous, civic-minded, concerned, vocal, tech-savvy, emerging workforce.

Here are just some of the additional key findings:


  • Gen Zs have a strong work ethic: 65% say “There’s a lot to learn, so I will roll up my sleeves and do anything.”
  • More than 1 in 4 students plan on staying in their first full-time job for one year – or less
  • Hospitals remain #1 job choice, great news for the healthcare worker shortage
  • 82%, mainly high schoolers, plan to have an internship before first job
  • Gen Zs maintain their keen interest in STEM, their #1 career choice, which continues to grow particularly among women and students of color
  • Covid concerns have largely waned, as few say the chance to work from home was most important. Only 23% rated the option to work remotely as very or extremely important

Benefits & Compensation:

  • Gen Zs choose health benefits, flexible work schedule, and time-off benefits over salary
  • Median salary expectation for their first full time job is $50,000-$69,999K
  • Work/life balance ranks #1 in regard to importance (working conditions)


  • 55% of scholars are somewhat interested, very interested, or extremely interested in living and working in outer space, on the moon or Mars.
  • Gen Zs prefer the city over the burbs (47% vs. 42%)
  • 60% say they’ll live at home for 1-2 years after graduation to help pay their bills

For the complete data set, methodology, and visuals or to interview NSHSS President James Lewis, please contact Terese Greer at 201-843-5600 ext. 206,


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