Kendall Robinson, a young scholar, founded the non-profit organization, Love Rolls, Inc. in the summer of 2015. Her inspiration to launch Love Rolls, Inc. stemmed from a homeless man she encountered while volunteering at the Youth Summit. This homeless man shared his story of having to make a single roll of toilet paper last an entire month. Kendall then realized, small things such as toilet paper rolls are taken for granted.

With more than 2.4 billion people lacking access to decent sanitation, and over 6,000 homeless individuals in Atlanta lacking access to basic toilet paper, Kendall knew she had to do something. She started with donations from family and friends, then word spread throughout her community and she received several donations from large corporations, local businesses, civic organization, and international countries. To this day, Love Rolls, Inc. has distributed over 150,000 Love Rolls to the homeless and those impacted by natural disasters.

On January 22, 2018, she received the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award from Georgia Secretary of State, Brian P. Kemp, on January 22, 2018 for her outstanding efforts to assist the homeless and those effected by natural disasters.

Kendall plans to expand her Love Rolls efforts to homeless individuals throughout the state of Georgia and eventually worldwide. She is a senior at Greater Atlanta Christian School and was recently accepted into Howard University. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @loverollsinc or visit her website: to hear more about her story and accomplishments.

Kendall Robinson              

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