Poughkeepsie Day School senior, Mya Carter, has been awarded the NSHSS Earth Day Scholarship. Applicants of the scholarship award are asked to submit details about an environmental project that they are currently working on, or one that will be initiated for Earth Day in their home, school, and/or community. 

Carter, who is especially interested in marine conservation, plans to attend Skidmore College to study environmental science. Carter plans to put the scholarship money towards tuition, ensuring that she can further her education and make a positive environmental impact. 

In her scholarship application, Carter wrote "I have been accepted to intern in marine conservation at Fundacion Aldeas de Paz in the Dominican Republic. I will continue to work restoring corals and mangroves as well as work controlling invasive species; I will also engage in community outreach to educate local school children about the importance of coral reefs and habitat conservation. I have started Spanish lessons in order to be more effective and successful during my internship. I plan to continue this work through college and beyond, knowing that my actions help ecosystems survive the climate crisis and, more broadly, all members of the global community."

Mya has a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) scuba certification which has jump-started her initiatives toward coral restoration. She also has diverse interests in the arts, music, and volleyball.

To learn more about Mya, see the story by local news sources at MidHudsonNews.com.

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