National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) 2016 Political Survey Results

Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NSHSS Publishes 2016 Findings That Reflect Political Preferences of High-Achieving Millennials

 ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - February 10, 2016) - The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), an international honors organization helping to advance the goals and aspirations of high-achieving students, published today its NSHSS 2016 Political Survey

The NSHSS 2016 Political Survey explores the opinions of 10,000 high school students, college students and young professionals. Hanover Research conducted the survey, which explores how high-achieving millennials access political news, the campaign issues they see as most important, and their participation in past presidential elections.

The survey respondents, members of NSHSS ages 15 to 32 with diverse backgrounds, represent an important segment of the millennial generation that is focused on college and career success. According to the results, nearly half of all respondents see the economy and jobs as one of the most important issues when selecting a presidential candidate, followed by student loan debt, terrorism, and civil rights. Millennials obtain their political news primarily through online versions of newspapers, national television networks and social media, with Facebook being the most common of the social media platforms.

At the time of the survey, 55% of respondents 18 and older were registered to vote. Of currently unregistered but eligible voters, more than half intend to register for the 2016 election. A U.S. Census Bureau report on presidential election participation found that 38% of 18-to-24 year olds voted in the 2012 election. In comparison, 78% of NSHSS respondents eligible to vote in 2012 cast a ballot in the election. These results suggest that high-achieving millennials are more engaged in the political process than their peers.

"With millennials now becoming the largest voting bloc in the country, NSHSS recognizes the tremendous value in conducting a Political Survey of our diverse member base," said James W. Lewis, President of NSHSS. "Our members represent the future leaders of our country, and understanding their political interests and habits can reveal insight into how to effectively reach out to this influential generation."

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