NSHSS Among Organizations Offering Scholarships With Extended 2020 Deadlines

Date: Monday, June 8, 2020

"Don't think of the scholarship search time as being over," NSHSS President James Lewis told U.S. News in a story about late-deadline scholarships.

In a normal year, students typically finalize most of their scholarship applications by March. However, this year's scholarship season is far from the norm. 

"In my mind, the scholarship search has just begun. The old norm was that scholarships are over by now, but this is a new reality, and institutions are having to rethink everything. Part of that is financial aid and scholarships."  Lewis adds.

Many scholarships with March and April deadlines were extended to mid-May or early June due to the coronavirus pandemic. NSHSS is one organization that's offering such scholarship opportunities with extended 2020 deadlines and with new scholarships opening up regularly.

Among those opportunities are the NSHSS Activism and Advocacy Scholarship and the NSHSS Diversity Scholarship. Both offer $2,000 awards and are open to high school and college applicants through November 1. 

In addition to these opportunities, you can find more NSHSS Scholarships with extended deadlines well into the Summer and Fall seasons.

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